station optimization

is an important content in advance, in addition to the user experience, but also conducive to the search engine spiders crawl, search engine from the point of view, give the front section of the weight should also be good, so this approach is conducive to the user experience and search engine to crawl.

, the important column in front

is also the important content of user attention is relatively high, others into your website as long as he needs to find the first is the product or service, who will be in your website to see company profiles, such as the qualification of the company, although many customers to trust, sometimes to see the content, but the main user or in product the main content, so in order to better user experience, we can put the important products on the front column for the first time, users can find what they need, put some minor things behind, such as company news, contact the content.

two, the appropriate use of nofollow tag


in the enterprise web site before optimization, the best site to do a little adjustment, now the site found that many customers have a lot of problems, such as the wedding photography industry, home page is mostly falsh animation, should be brought after the revision to the site, even many sites do not Links this, in order to better optimized for these, certainly can not do well in the station optimization to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, keyword ranking to take an important role. Here’s what the enterprise website needs to pay attention to some details:

now many enterprise stand some content, look for users are meaningless, such as contact and placed at the bottom of some "bad information feedback" and "public information supervision", are of no great importance thing, proper use of nofollow tag, will not let website weight loss is too large this page for too many outbound links of enterprises is very important for small business station station, itself weight is not high, if there are a lot of unnecessary links, for ascension website weight must be a hindrance.

website also can have as big, not to see it, but small column data, need to optimize the details or very much, do the site optimization details, for keyword ranking is to no small role, although the enterprise website every day to bring traffic is very limited, but as long as you have the keyword optimization the conversion rate is not large, need to flow to bring big profits, there are a lot of expert site every day only dozens of IP, but the conversion rate is very high, the benefits are very considerable, so don’t underestimate the power of enterprises.


three, bid farewell to all the news articles to create

content can let website promotion weight, can make the snapshot update more timely, but if placed some related articles in it is meaningless, once >

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