let us look at the love sea service at the present stage, the love of Shanghai has made great progress, now there is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform and complaints platform, as it is not truly realize its value, only love the sea that we look like Shanghai webmaster tools. I personally feel that this platform is good, all to have the help option, but my evaluation, no use can go to try, OK only used to know, we say love Shanghai complaints platform, first of all: telephone complaints are never machine, no artificial, as service industry, Shanghai mobile, China Unicom and love the poor is far away, the future is the quality of service competition era, a little love to Shanghai in 360 when the dark horse out to be aware of, but it has not realized that the same is "problem, I love Shanghai to 360 and simultaneously submit update requirements in Heby 360 more slowly, don’t love Shanghai website, it may employ people, not at the expense of the trust of customers at the cost of network platform in the future life become more and more popular, user experience is required More and more high, such as mobile phone, the user experience is not just to say that, to implement, the most fundamental is the service efficiency and service attitude, have said before, love Shanghai and noble baby is lower than the efficiency at the same time, the website that noble after customer change baby error, quick basic in the two weeks immediately update back, and Shanghai is not easy to say love, love to see how Shanghai may have better mood, half a month to have a bad mood, maybe half a year. Don’t need monopoly need is competition in the society, I think that developing countries should support several platforms, make the Internet industry into orderly and fair competition, which is starting from the user and the interests of the people.

today, let us look at the Shanghai love these plans, the actual effect, in a series of changes to love Shanghai, site of ups and downs, the ranking is also every transformation, however, the author found some problems, some of the site’s ranking and not the so-called user experience is linked, or even many sites do not update the content even in the front row, it does not let us love these support users in Shanghai chilling, here I no longer for example.

finally we summarize as the current Internet platform, should be a part of the service industry, the user is God, but at this stage the bad "

May is coming. Remember that two years ago, Shanghai started the activity network platform love net is large, a large number of sites whether it is real or wronged, anyway, all the way down to lose weight and ranking, also introduced the so-called excessive optimization, also has a network of the term "Green Plan", so industry ushered in the Shanghai dragon the history of one of the biggest catastrophe, there is a network of business every day, every day, Shanghai Longfeng personnel of unemployment, all rely on the website to eat Shanghai to promote the industry to love every day, since the last love Shanghai promotion was exposed to the downturn, ushered in a lot of money no way optional industry, Shanghai is love make a fortune.

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