generally, can page path website were divided into two categories, that is the static pages and dynamic pages path path. What is the definition of these two paths, the difference between what is

static page path is usually refers to the HTML as its suffix, such as www.xxx贵族宝贝/1/2/3.html or to sites such as /about/, /contact/ directory technology and so on and so on the path called static page path. The static page path can be subdivided into pure static and pseudo static, for two kinds of static path like this. We cannot directly distinguish, because there are no different. Pure static refers to completely static pages, pseudo static words for some of our often station should be very understanding, this technique frequently used in the current mainstream website program. The best method is unified site path, that is some technical methods to convert the static page path dynamically through the original path. But the site itself is dynamic.

finally to summarize, the path of the website in the site construction will be good planning, good path should be standardized and representative good and simple. Only a convenient path search engine and users to remember is a good path we really need the personnel in Shanghai dragon. It is not difficult to do a thing, you really want to do something that is difficult. So you need to persevere, the only way we can achieve real success. (this article is from outdoor work >

first introduced: static page path

recently saw many novice webmaster ask me what is the website page path, Xiaobian found many new Adsense on this knowledge is very scarce, this work by the rest of the time, I analyze yourself for the website path for some new Adsense sorted out, to facilitate understanding of


then introduced: dynamic page path


dynamic page path words refers to the program of website, through the website and call the database path to achieve some basic functions of some irregular sites produced, containing a large number of parameters. For example: www.xxx贵族宝贝/? Sp=514 web page path in this category, similar to the path like this belong to dynamic path. We can clearly be able to see out, the path to the web site contains a lot of dynamic parameters, and often there is no dynamic path suffix. From the picture we can see the dynamic path in Shanghai dragon and is not very good, support the search engine for dynamic page path is limited, which can find the page path is to have some defects, we must learn to avoid the use of web page dynamic path. Because the path like this very easy to let the search engine grab into the dead cycle leading to your site will not be included.

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