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in 2011, there will be close to 80% after the Internet with mobile phone users will be the first choice of mobile phone browser to view the login information, and a year later, this figure is reduced to 57.8%. This is the situation facing the mobile search. Two years ago, compared to the pattern of products, mobile users are now obviously more love WeChat, micro-blog, everyone has a social function of products, and these products have a strong user stickiness will still try to implant more to their own profit means, such as electricity, Internet value-added services, such as the game again. When they have the advantages of the APP user base application into an independent system on the existing basis of transformation, ask how many people to get the desired content from mobile search. Only the personal webmaster Gynostemma as an example, I will get some information through the UC news the day before, and now once open network, immediately will pop up WeChat’s Tencent news push, the latest information resources integration platform of the Tencent, apparently to be more professional than UC. I believe that such a change, UC active users will have no small impact. This is the mobile search stage need to face the embarrassment of the parties, with the application of APP is more and more mature, the user first vertical function will be more perfect, and the stripping function obviously do a lot of mobile search, so how to deal with these APP Applications > grab

on mobile search products in the future will give people a different position, some people would say search product itself is an ecological system, and then focus on product attributes of good user experience, will get the support of users, while others will say that in the era of mobile Internet, mobile search function will become more desalination, instead of the various independent APP applications. I think all these views are based, are not wrong. But in the formation of a new pattern of products as a traditional products can not use the original thinking to understand, after all, compared to the PC and the mobile terminal products, the ideology has changed to a certain degree.

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two products and mobile terminal PC, and UC for the love Shanghai, love Shanghai needless to say, we must love, stationmaster friends are familiar with it to know too much at this point, just want to say UC. As the transition to the mobile terminal desktop search search function, UC ushered in the golden age of development in 2011, its users reached number 400 million, India two market development is very rapid. Refused to incomplete statistics, UC intelligent machines in the third party browser market accounted for 43%, the proportion is as high as 70% in functional machine market. These data may be the most shining highlights the search form of products in the mobile terminal is strong, but all along the lingering rumors seem awkward, indicates that the development of UC is not Everything is going smoothly. is for the future, or future mobile search products, represented by the UC search should seek for more changes in the road.

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