tool for mining long tail keywords

analysis of 2. rival

5. based on the previous 10 pages (to collect and distribute around a word)

4. in the long tail keywords are extended but must contain long tail keywords

love Shanghai if accurate to the number of IP calculation of the source of the chain of the future of this algorithm, it is possible to achieve, love Shanghai has a huge database for IP sources were analyzed, and the love of Shanghai does not need to judge the chain so much, only need to anchor text outside the chain of IP by determining the origin of the can a sense of a site is cheating (of course, if can be more accurate judgment to a website all the chain, anchor text, links, text), though the search engine is one more step, do not look at more than one step, it is still very large data. But if you love to do in Shanghai, estimates can also do it, after all the love of Shanghai has updated so many algorithms have been used. How to say below we love Shanghai Shanghai dragon personnel should update all kinds of attacks.

correlation chain is what we often say, what is the high quality the chain

for the original content make the best of timeliness and scarcity of

high weight website + industry is the high quality the chain, a lot of people often said in the forum to find high quality outside the chain of

3. search results before 10 pages of content arrangement

love Shanghai so many updates, is hit nothing more than 2 aspects, first, garbage page, the second chain, then love Shanghai why fight against the 2 aspects? It is because of these 2 aspects is a huge impact on the ranking! Personal love, which hit Shanghai. This is so love Shanghai strike is bound to affect the ranking of

A review of the ?The correlation between page quality is very important

1. Shanghai yisou love your industry popular keywords, the top 3 pages of the site selection of

love Shanghai fight outside the chain can also explain the chain of

is very big!

so the chain should be the corresponding correlation chain

ranking is very importantSo

love Shanghai is to combat spam pages can be inferred from the

2. in Shanghai love the search box to search the long tail keywords

1. by

should from the corresponding page is the quality of the original article, said that under the following personal practice for the original article.

High quality

3. to learn how to use the advanced search instructions, such as looking for relevant forums (inurl:bbs+ industry hot keywords)


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