so, the author of Shanghai dragon vane view data.


from the sample data displayed on this day, Shanghai is a big update, nearly 80% of the site changes, and this update is more 66% showed a downward trend, the station was K also occupies 0.8%. Then the author and to know BBS blog, there are many websites suffer "update".

morning, boot habitually view his website of Shanghai Longfeng information, check and update that love Shanghai? Website amount has decreased greatly, the results are as follows:

of course for Shanghai love again big update, we do not be too nervous, after all, still continue to adjust, also love Shanghai statement updates is not 100% accurate, so that many websites " collateral damage ", so, as long as we insist on doing more new website original content and the high quality of the chain, and no cheating, so calm to wait for the update again. This paper from the conveyor belt 贵族宝贝jbssd贵族宝贝/, please indicate the source!

love Shanghai update is a wave another wave, just off the black June, now ushered in the black Friday. Love in July 2nd Shanghai officials also had announced that the new algorithm for low quality site in the search results show has come into effect, perhaps this is the fundamental reason why many websites suffer again stand down right down by K.

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