friend of the station is a railway station, the chain is not much, the amount of information in the website is not great. Based on the analysis of personal experience, a single spider crawl (total amount of capture ÷ access to 80-100) has been regarded as a very good figure. The new website content did not included

through the webmaster tools you can see, the URL returns a 200 status code. At this time there is a psychological bottom, spider crawling in this directory will encounter difficulties.

?Second step

in order to verify their own judgment, through the Editplus open LOG file, It is as expected several big spiders in the grab archive directory into a dead end.



from a friend’s website to understand, this is a daily archive directory, from the picture we can see is the 2010 09 month 05 days to return the publication is empty (friend of the station for more than 2 months).



chat with a friend for a few days, exchanged views on love at the end of 8 Shanghai algorithm update. When a friend asked me to help him end his analysis of new sites, the site in question is a snapshot of stay in August 15th, and soon the 20 day Shanghai not included new content. Learn from a simple conversation, on-line site for 2 months, every day to update the original content and the chain. I love Shanghai included, the next day included, the long tail word ranking is also good. But in August 19th 815 after the snapshot, snapshot not update. The overall structure and content analysis of the station, station found clear structure. There are no serious structural problems, the content of illustrations, writing is also good, but the long tail word ranking is really good, this on a railway station is very well done.

came to crawl the web site directory. Below is a screenshot from the three mainstream spider to grab the directory of the Top3 directory, from the graph we can see chart grab the archiver directory on far more than in other web directory. This let me have a little peace of mind.

why not updated snapshot, new content is no longer included? Is it love Shanghai’s own problems, or some other "naked eye can not see the crux of the problem? This time think of log analysis, sometimes only through internal problems. From a friend to come the day before the site LOG log, the spider overview screenshot log analysis tools out. From the graph we can see three major search engine spiders visit frequency, residence time and the total amount of information capture.

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