love Shanghai audit system, half a month from the original, now extended to a month or even longer, sometimes really feel the sincerity with website optimization is luck, small side appeared several times, really serious to has no effect at all some sites, but did not throw in a few the side of the site is responsible for the good ranking. Then this ranking is and why me, you say this ranking is based on technology? This is not love Shanghai algorithm for frequent updates? Not to improve the quality of the content? Why can update the algorithm less frequently, but still refuse duplicate pages very many sites or to obtain a good ranking

from a stand naked webmaster hard every day to write the original site to update the article, a superb collection of beautiful things. But still don’t see what effect, not included among ranking, ranking no, not to mention the flow. The timing is updated every day, every day, appropriate to add a number of high quality chain. This update, spiders also cited. Why is

recently a lot of stationmaster and crown marketing network Xiaobian exchange, said several new sites are responsible for their own original content updates for more than a month, but was not included, the imagination currently looks more and more serious. You can see the small before released "the article updated a lot but why can not be included?" some post processing method. The Internet has saved many sites, most of which are new and daily garbage sites, now increased many love Shanghai had for his engine reduce burdens, to start the new audit strictly. Before the new sites and the so-called "new effect", that is the early new may appear fluctuating phenomenon, which would sometimes get a good Ranking Ranking have sometimes a little. Now we tried every day of the original update the article, can be a little effect is invisible. The optimization for every day, is undoubtedly a great blow. Love Shanghai audit system upgrade, to optimize the people a little hope is not foreseen, really feel a bit cruel.

and I have a friend inside the industry peer site, nothing to what is included is very low, not what updates, but his ranking is very good

can be seen from the figure, this site is 1, no weight; 2, 3, included low; chain; 4, ranked relatively well. So it is with what has.

not included?

now, you ask me, how to improve the keywords ranking, I really don’t know how to reply. I can not tell you the ranking method promises effective optimization, now optimize the development to today, the face of today’s optimization, we update the article every day every day of the original, appropriate to do some high quality the chain attract spider can come? Even if you update every day of the original articles were included, every day the high quality of the chain are successful to attract spider over, then your keywords ranking promotion? Not to mention now the original update included, have become a major problem.

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