we look at the next photograph:

also this method is also suitable for large sites, those professional, as long as the daily analysis of user search habits and bring the flow of Web site keywords, re processing of these words, combination, write some related content, good correlations between labels, you can put on site traffic

have a few days without writing their own blog, see keywords on different degrees has decreased, it seems to do Shanghai dragon really is a long process and continuous process, three days fishing nets two days of drying will not work. As a webmaster, daily statistical data analysis website is to do the homework, from the analysis of data that can be found in some websites and promotion methods, today Xinjiang Shanghai dragon head for everyone to talk about how to through the analysis of statistical data to improve the web site article flow, it is reasonable for mining user search keywords will be great increase your website traffic. In his blog Webmaster Station as an example.

the Xinjiang Shanghai dragon blog online for more than a year now, the daily flow basically maintained at 30 separate visits to IP, for an index less than 100 words, should belong to the normal traffic, to a long time, always stay at this level, there is no way to get traffic to what a step? The answer is yes, that is the use of statistical functions, analysis of user access habits, and how users get to your site, the following two diagrams to illustrate the problem:

this is a picture of the main keyword search users within a week, as you can see, Karamay jade related content occupies a large component. In addition the actual search found settled in Karamay related policies are many, and the actual related content is a "read" Karamay household registration policy articles, and through the relevant search to a lot of traffic, the same, the habits of users, we can add a few articles related content introduction in order to increase the relevance of the article, improve the word in the blog of the weight.

this is a picture of the user search keywords yesterday, can be found through research, such as Karamay / Karamay / Karamay jade jade jade processing, Karamay jade appreciation, a few words that the flow is the article to an article: "the real situation in Karamay jade, is also the pages to the flow. Because the word is not very popular, so can bring traffic, with this judgment, we can in Karamay jade under some articles, write some similar content, and the label and do a jade introduced in the same article, increase the correlation between the article, so that users see a article, is likely to click on the relevant content, to a certain extent to enhance the site of PV, reduce your bounce rate.

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