takes about 7 days or so, the licensing of working days for 2 weeks, the whole process down to 20 working days, which is about 1 months time.

4, company registered capital and equity distribution ratio.

most of the entrepreneurs are young people, they have ideas, but they do not necessarily have strong economic conditions and rich experience. Especially in this bustling city of Shanghai, the top and the abyss seem to be in only a flash. So, in this city of Shanghai, how would you like to register a company if you want to start your own business?

some experiences,

finally waited until the two companies had developed steadily, coupled with personal problems, gradually relegated to the second line, accompanied by their wives, and spent most of their time exploring something that interests them.

married people are living a idyllic life with their wives,

the last year,

opened two companies, financing over ten million from the Singapore media development bureau, the Singapore Science and Technology Development Bureau, the South venture, Gobi venture capital, etc., now relegated to the second line, retain shareholder status,

has had two top foreign universities, NUS and UBC both in the world’s top 20, the main attack information systems IS search engines and generalized databases and computer science CS ranking algorithms

The company name

1, shareholder, legal person, supervisor’s identity card original.

founder Chen Peifeng Pu Lan said: we think the show itself is a private enterprise, in the process of long-term development, we need to know what kind of business services to the private small and micro enterprises, what experience pain and confusion, so we take.

, Pu Lan, tells you what the registration company needs to provide:

5, shareholder, legal person, supervisor’s contact way.

2, company name, preferably over 3. In general 3~7 days, then the same time uncertainty. If not the same, they issued an "enterprise famous name pre-approval notice.

foreign permanent resident, still holding Chinese passport

3, the scope of the company the company mainly engaged in what, and some scope will go to apply for qualification or permit

approved in name, need to confirm the business scope of the enterprise according to the shareholders of the corporate supervisors information making good business application materials, all shareholders to the signature, and submit the application materials of industry and commerce.

on the domestic first-class university this Shuoboliandu, public funds abroad Singapore and Canada

a brief introduction,


basically did not touch the circle of domestic SEO before, in order to study SEO, think >


University in foreign countries during their spare time. Have an industry portal, make money by charging membership fees by way of industry, I think now is not mature SEO technology, implementation of the more than 800 members of the site’s ranking of the top three in the basic shlf1314. As a result, I received a thousand dollars per member per year, so I earned the first pot of gold in my life!

, but it happens to have such a platform, it is safe and reliable, fundamentally solve the entrepreneur’s first major difficulties. This is plxs888/, Pu Lan show thought was founded in 2002, is a leading company in Shanghai registered service providers. At present, mainly for entrepreneurs to provide: company registration, taxation services, personnel agency, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurial space, entrepreneurial intelligence, business clubs, male security research, research and other other start-ups.

long time and tedious procedures, so many entrepreneurs everywhere at once, Qinliqinwei will waste a lot of time and effort, and many agents will be charging unfair, even information leaks, eventually infringed or entrepreneurs.

solid foundation

SEO this is the contact from the beginning of school, followed by a professor of shlf1314, a search result and shlf1314 as basic search engine in his direction the entire program with more than 60 G hard drive, but a few tenths of shlf1314 will be able to return to the results, our program is needed to run a few minutes or even tens of minutes. This is the gap, shlf1314 not everyone can do it, my professor took only one sentence: shlf1314 praised the perfect work of art! Although there is no one as like as two peas out of the shlf1314, but in this process, the most studied shlf1314 algorithm mechanism and subtlety, and for days after the study of SEO lay.

was second companies, he focused on the Chinese market. Began to study sh419, found some popular keywords search the first page, almost all by sh419 promotion website occupy. And in the course of the experiment, it was found that the factors of human interference in sh419 were also serious, not as pure and fair as shlf1314. Coupled with a number of factors within the company, led to the failure to continue to study sh419 SEO. Period, mainly through shlf1314, Adwords and sh419 promotion for marketing. The former is fun, the latter is everything.

is the first company registered company name, every time you can submit 3 names. The name of the company is very important. Once you take it, don’t change it easily. If you change the company name, it may involve changes in registered trademarks, domain names, copyright and other matters, and consume the company’s internal resources. At the same time, the identity card information is required.

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