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these issues should be webmasters and search engine optimization workers are worried about the problem, as for those veterans actually not nervous, but novice webmaster and personnel engaged in the work of the Shanghai dragon, the horse galloping over the horse, here Meizhou Peida network Shanghai Longfeng empty for one trick:

think a good article will give a lot of help, for example: you contribute to the A5 Adsense online browsing, where the amount of massive, this article submission when you succeed, there are many advantages of webmasters and search engine optimization workers will be in the site collection articles, some comparison of occupation morality of webmaster >

Many owners think that the

long 2013, there are 10 days to the true sense of the past, whether or not successful, no matter how much regret, no chance to go again, these are just a rehearsal for tomorrow, we as a webmaster of the snake no matter how tortuous or how will go smoothly, too, at the end of the evening, I want to see so many webmaster news, love Shanghai at the end of the big update "on the promotion of high quality, low quality content to suppress many owners will not have such thoughts, always adhere to the original owners can ease a year, but only after the horse love copy and paste the webmaster we can only remind prevention? In fact, what to do! Don’t let love about your daily life in Shanghai.

write their own article is the original article, in fact, this idea is wrong, the original article is not so simple, truly original should have the "user experience" and "search engines love" these two characters, and thus more likely to attract users of eyeball "bring traffic. Before Meizhou Peida network in Shanghai Longfeng city A5 webmaster wrote an article "love to copy and paste the webmaster and some words" Shanghai dragon optimization workers in this article is Meizhou Peida network since the owners in A5 contribute to the now views is the largest, released in January 9th to the current eleven day, click Yes in 498, there are also many are reproduced as below:

I don’t think this is what I want, what I need is to let more people remember this article is from which website, which released from the owners, the results did not achieve the effect I want, so I think this is not the quality of the original article, really good articles should be bring more users to interact, such as comments.

: for the first year without a network of Shanghai Longfeng workers: years ago, adhere to the original article.

soon many owners and workers are engaged in the search engine optimization is about to leave home for the new year, you are responsible for the website how to handle it? Some people in the home of the new year is coming, because the country does not have too many conditions, how to adhere to the work of Shanghai Longfeng own? Soon the new year in Shanghai Longfeng work webmaster how to ease this year?

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