team or Shanghai dragon service in fact the problem, in a long time ago a friend asked, but I still clearly remember the winning search engine marketing conference era on Xingtian also mentioned the topic of this kind. In fact, this is also a lot of companies intend to go search engine marketing road will consider the issue, today he Tao with you here the next focus of my personal experience.

Ningbo Shanghai dragon blog friends should know that these two days I personally "empty" on the one hand is to find the home company to go to work again on the other hand, would like to take this opportunity to go a few Ningbo network company and also to meet with old friends. Want to say inside the Shanghai dragon team or outsourcing Shanghai dragon service today, because of the company I go inside. From different angles have mentioned this idea.

Inside the

we’ll change the perspective to create your own team of the enterprise, we can understand one thing, the boss is very liberal or he has already seen the Internet is a trend. And are willing to spend the money to please Shanghai Longfeng specialized personnel to operate their own website. Then the problem will come out, and the network of Shanghai dragon service company than we see. As ordinary businesses want to recruit a team of Shanghai dragon very difficult. The general will consider a move, and a development company itself.

. The combination of the above form, the problems will come out. For the new people coming in, unless it is a kind of master. Really can do effect in a short period of time, but from those companies I go, basically it is not the state. What is the meaning of these words, is generally very simple enterprise station, there are so few companies to consider to recruit Shanghai Longfeng specialist, and is often those who do this kind of platform, do the mall site, the Shanghai dragon requirements will be high.

we look at a situation, do Shanghai Longfeng for resources construction of its own this piece is very important. This is also a lot of Shanghai Longfeng service company can say how much time to foundation can make what effect, especially for the love of Shanghai search engine optimization, this is very important. So do the Shanghai dragon service company, after all, not to open his own search engine, they for certain customers must not look for keywords ranking, the conversion rate and the flow of customers, they will be a burden. Do the final result is likely to not receive payments.

company is a single Shanghai Longfeng service, some friends may say. If Shanghai Longfeng service company certainly want someone to outsource this piece ah, in fact I think it is still inside the. As we all know, if it is a comparison of the strength of the company through outsourcing services to Shanghai dragon form, may after a year or half a year of cooperation. With the original website weight in the form of outsourcing record, to spend money to recruit their own team Shanghai phoenix. This is a headache thing to do Shanghai Longfeng service companies;

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