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from the current ranking algorithm, the two to occupy a very important position. In the eyes of the search engines which is more heavy, now is probably the chain. Simply, directly help an original high quality content on the ranking of a website, also is the search engine after the discovery of this article on the site to increase the weight, far less than a high weight of the chain on the site to help bring more frequent, and the search engine spiders crawling. But this is just the direct help, consider a high quality article may obtain considerable reproduced, so as to get more the chain, especially some high weight website reproduced, so as to bring greater help for ranking web site. On the contrary, a web site outside of the chain no matter how strong, can it bring more high quality content, can be said that the role of the chain is relatively monotonous. At the same time, the site within the chain effect is obvious to people, the chain formed between the original content, the chain formed with the content of the collection, the role can be the same? It is obviously not possible. Take a simple example, inside the chain is formed between two pieces of high quality original content, compared with two articles in the chain in the collection, because the search engine that serious two original content alone weight than that of two acquisition of high (this is in the affirmative, don’t explain, then the link weights) between the two high weight of the page will higher than that between the two page weight low link.

to the site of the rankings do go up, requires a lot of work to do, but some basic one-time work, such as the structure of the website, URL format, basic template optimization, the rest of the basic work is to increase the original content and the construction of the chain. The time consumption of the two work is in the process of Shanghai dragon, the most difficult. But if you ask the two key elements of your content and chain which is more important, how would you answer

chain is the site between the voting site A website that the content of a B value, so the website A to give B a chain, the search engine appears to be A website to recommend B, when the recommended votes more, search engine will think that the content of B in some key words it is of great value, so the B ranking in the front row. This is the essential meaning of the chain, but now the chain, how much construction is with this idea? There is little, the webmaster now the idea is very simple, is used to improve the chain rankings. While the chain algorithm currently has obvious and search engine advocates the user experience as the goal conflict, is very important in the current algorithm chain no doubt, but it is not difficult to imagine, in the future search engine is likely to change the chain to the site of each factor algorithm, a threshold, when other sites don’t behave well for example, when the original content is too small, no matter how high.

in Li Dong’s view, although this is very important, but must choose a word, I prefer to give content to vote. Perhaps more friends think of me don’t agree with it, this is me about the content with the chain some views, for your reference.

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