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has just been mentioned Zhitong talent network recruitment is done, so we can imagine that users surf the Internet.

keyword selection is an important part of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we believe that this article is seen on the Internet, but with a few examples is relatively small, so we see, the true operation will have a lot of questions! I face combined with Zhitong talent network to analyze how to the site keywords screening. Zhitong talent network is doing in the recruitment of professional website, the website in the choice of keywords, will consider screening keyword from what

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1, according to the user’s psychological study, screening of

How to write a Shanghai dragon

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remember my first shock Shanghai dragon, is hoping to have a system of Shanghai Longfeng teaching courses are best able to explain with examples, but rarely have this tutorial. At present, contact Shanghai Longfeng quite a few years, had done several website optimization, more or less accumulated some experience, I would like to do before the Shanghai dragon optimization experience with the interested friends in my spare time, welcome Paizhuan ~ ~ ~ of course can be directly across the Shanghai dragon master ~ ~ ~, in order to more intuitive learning in Shanghai the dragon, the next article, I will get done before the Zhitong talent network as a case. Why? Because Zhitong talent network is a large station group website, and just took over, no any Shanghai Longfeng optimization, at the same time, know the station optimization, the station is not easily. The? Just took over the Zhitong talent network, love Shanghai included only about one hundred thousand, and the search for talent network, recruitment network keywords, in the first few pages are not see Zhitong talent network, information update is rarely included… In view of the above circumstances. At the time, wrote a website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme, comprehensive assault from the following aspects; of course, this is the three step to solve the keyword screening, optimization of follow-up will then talk about all kinds of methods listed;

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