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two, friends of the chain without

when you check the chain of friends will see no anti chain, a lot of anti chain, this time you will understand, people are your friends to take a chain, can not open the website you believe that others will do the chain to you? Even I am sometimes check the chain of friends to see other people’s sites not open, I will first observe a period of time, but if often the case, it is incumbent upon the other chain removed. This time even if you removed a chain, you should also understand that it is your own fault. After the chain is removed, the number of the chain fell sharply, and these are the high quality of the chain, the chain less, you believe that your website ranking will rise up? No problem is good, will lead to a serious decline in site is down right. After recovery will also may be a long process.

, the user experience will be very bad

stable space is very important for a webmaster, if a website to get good rankings, we must first choose a good stable space, do not covet cheap space and make their own efforts to do up the rankings at that time is to vanish like soap bubbles, it is too late, have experience the webmaster should be very aware of this, can also choose good space for their website ranking rose steadily. So, choose a good space is definitely a webmaster to do.

so the space is not stable in the end will lead to what

If you watch the news website

site is down right

website or not often open to buy product users, he Zuoheganxiang, will certainly feel that this is not a normal station, even a good space are not willing to buy, so how can the site be trusted? And when he is ready to pay actually the site open, you said he will wait for you back again website payment? Now fierce competition, your website not open if there is no competition at all. So the poor user experience is a fatal threat to visit it.

had just began to stand, my understanding of space is also inadequate, and that time can have a good website, often for free space and spend a lot of energy, and later bought a cheap space, at the beginning of the Everything is going smoothly. love Shanghai snapshot, included. Well, ranking rise more quickly, then the site slowly had some orders, IP also gradually increased when the space was often not open, angry asked the space business, said to be very soon, but after a few days is not good. Later that website ranking minglasunshan, there is no order, but it is useless.


space is not stable, the website does not open, this time the spider won’t visit your site, a spider, and that your website is poor, this time the natural site is down right. Site drop right, not ranked, you do the enthusiasm of the station is also.


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