is a prominent optimization for some key product pages, page conversion, into a large number of high quality of the chain and the chain, at the same time for the page for a lot of traffic, and even a lot of this page will make the directory page, add a lot of sub page. The key to improve the page ranking but do not therefore weaken no ground for blame, the optimization of the home page, or even ignore the home page, although not directly into the home page, but the page is the site of the transfer page, guide page, like shop facade, the facade is gone, I’m afraid inside decoration again good also useless.

disperse experienceIn fact, this point and the weight of , correlation A lot of people have met the ? disperse weight

said here is not on the entire website right down, just came right home page, usually there are some small problems may occur in the home, this is relatively minor, only the home on the home page to keywords ranking points decline. In general, page down the right, the site’s ranking will decline, the inside pages of the rankings will fall, so there is no search keyword, no home page and the inside pages ranking phenomenon. So this can occur only in the case of slight drop right home page.

this one is simple, meaning that the home page optimization keywords too much, but the inside pages only for a keyword, the more keywords this page do, get the value of each keyword weight nature is less, the inside pages will not only do this keyword. For example, the optimization of household appliances, TV sets and refrigerators, air conditioning, water heater 5 main keywords plus XX electrical 1 brand word, but the inside pages only a word set optimization, a single product, the weights of keywords are not scattered, nature may rank is a good home.


dispersion is a meaning, is the home page optimization keywords too much. What do you mean? Because the pages more specific keywords, so content, link building is launched around the keywords, and keywords home due to more, whether text, pictures, or links for multiple keywords, which resulted in two users need to choose, rather than the inside pages can directly meet the user experience, a very simple example, you want to buy a pair of Nike basketball shoes will go to stores, shopping malls or a

, that is, correlation between the keywords and the whole page content, including:

4, page optimization over


website optimization process of a problem, is the site of the inside pages not ranking, the author also mentioned this before, the website page rank no place more, because the optimization, promotion and exposure within the page itself is certainly not as good as the home page. But sometimes the website home page ranking, but no, that we search for a keyword, page ranking is better than the home page, this is what happened? Why?



home page right down


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