3, crawler content, page content has long truncated, grabbing part does not recognize the main content, resulting in page was identified as empty short and not included.


previously in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform webmaster college, love Shanghai official engineers share such a case, a website content generated by the JS, not the user access to do optimization, but the search engine crawlers do a lot of targeted optimization, the surface looks very perfect, but it is not love Shanghai included. The reason is found, this website will image binary content directly into HTML, resulting in the page length is too long, so there is no love in Shanghai included. Webmasters may see the case of wonder, for many years, had never encountered such a case. An important factor is the length of the page also influence the website included.

2, site optimization will be the main content on the last picture is put in front of

web page code length included the effects of

1, according to


website optimization crawl the pictures directly on the binary content in HTML page length is too long, the web page length up to 164k;

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform are:


Cause analysis of

analysis of this problem, we must first understand what is the length of the web page. Browse the web page to see the length of the length of the page here is not the so-called visual sense. It refers to the length of the code page. The website will picture links or path directly to the HTML code, has little effect on the length of the page, and this site in rare cases, it will direct the picture into binary content HTML code, which is the direct use of Base64 encoding, which leads to the website not included.


Daily website Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, we first consider what is possible? Many webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng engineers will first consider how to optimize the site of TDK, is also the label, description, keywords of the three, and then optimized for the chain and chain. Do these pages do beautiful, and effectively increase the quality of content can improve the collection. The Shanghai dragon basic common sense is right, but in the importance of website TDK attributes, inside and outside the chain, high-quality content at the same time, we also tend to ignore some elements usually difficult to direct attention to the website, resulting in it seems to be doing fine, but included the effect is not ideal. So where exactly is the problem? Here today, I would like to share with you is the web page length is too long to cause not included negative cases.


does not recommend the site using the JS generation of the main content, such as j>

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