related thirteenth, check the relevant instructions and front page: the only similarity is just using a search engine, the use in the baby. His role is associated with the search results to return to the page. We can use related to check their website and website which is related to. >

              twelfth, linkdomain inquires the reverse link: the role of reverse link in Shanghai dragon in I think every optimization personnel all know, a site of reverse link how many can directly affect the overall weight of the site, so often inquires the reverse link website, it to use the linkdomain command. Similar to link, and the noble love Shanghai baby does not support, so to YAHOO shall prevail. For example, a DNS query abc贵族宝贝 reverse link, then you can be in the address bar enter: linkdomain:abc贵族宝贝 -site:abc贵族宝贝, so the query data is more accurate, has ruled out its own internal links. This command is used not only for their great help, can quickly find suitable competitors are what are the external links, we can save a lot of time. So for the webmaster friends, remember this powerful and easy to use instruction.

              eleventh, link query link: link is an advanced instruction commonly used Shanghai dragon, a major search site URL internal and external link, but this instruction not to each search engine are very accurate, especially a noble baby, it returns only a part of the index in the library, and is part of a random, and love Shanghai does not support this command. But the good news is that YAHOO full support, and the query is accurate, we typically see web link with YAHOO, now many webmaster tools, whether the web or software, are generally provided by YAHOO data.

              it must be said in the article do Shanghai Dragon: small instruction help, we see through the intitle, allintitle, string Title keywords allinurl group results, filetype specific files, site query included five aspects and share the advanced the instruction of the search engine, the article was published, there are reproduced in the A5 forum and many other sites, in fact, these instructions are sometimes just a few simple letters, but it is very useful for us. Then the article continues today to share with the rest of the end.

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