to the site is included, the understanding of the working principle of search engine crawler is a must, as everyone knows the search engine crawlers is content to crawl through a link to our website, if the new station had a half web page is not included, this is not normal, normal website optimization, the general included time is 1-15 days will be included; if it were not included to see whether the robots file is the site blocking; there is no hair the chain, I know the search engine crawler is coming to our website through the link; if it is not included in the page, then look at the inside pages of search engine crawlers have visited the website if not, it would not have been included. See through the website can view the log method.


website optimization according to the novice complain not be included within the pages of a process, we hope that the newcomers can harvest, don’t complain, most problems are out.

recently found that some novice webmaster are always complaining about the inside pages, why not love Shanghai included, I think these novice is always complaining of this and that, do not want to yourself if there is no deal, have summed up his experience, always complain about; some novice is always complaining about the love of Shanghai included the inside pages over a period of time deleted, novice complaining about love Shanghai, oh I think these are not new summary of your problem, always complain about useful? According to their complaint I have done a detailed treatment under the surface to look at their specific complaints included problems where.

three, articles and site theme related

, a search engine crawler

The above is the Nanning

some stations found just a collection of articles not long before it was a search engine to delete, for this situation I have looked at it, I also check the website, the content is original, but also write attractive, but the search engine is deleted. I view the site title found website theme and the contents of the article does not match, what can I say? I’m here for example, such as I do the medical website, to "registered" as the core of the web site keywords, but the website article is to "health", which is totally inconsistent with the theme of the site. This is why the website page was collected and deleted. So we want to be completely within the pages of search engines, must write the article to be consistent with the theme of the site.

I see a lot of new owners complain about not included in the page of the website, I see their website could not believe it, don’t know a look startled, the content of the website is collected. As everyone knows the search engines love original articles, articles are collected over the search engine is not included, because inside the search engine database had such an article, and included a what doesn’t work, will only occupy space and. So, if you want to search engines within the pages of the content must be original.

content quality

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