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really appreciate A5 analysis of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, after 30 day in Shanghai to get traffic from 1000 to 6000, the flow of over 6 times. Below we through the website data after diagnosis statistics

A5 is here to say Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis or specificity, their diagnosis report contains: Shanghai dragon optimization problem + specificrecommendations + ranking scheme. They are sincere in helping users to solve the problem, the service quality is quite high, free consulting services so I save a lot of time on the internet. The A5 station network in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis did really good reputation, is also very good, Words alone are no proof. map with the truth, is the fact that


flow changes, the nature is not calm, find the A5 diagnosis engineer Xiao He talked, in that the site opened the service security treasure may lead to be right down, but the site still exists optimization details, in the author’s request, they offered me a diagnostic analysis report of Shanghai dragon.


CAD tutorial site a 6 years of operation of the site, the site keywords ranking has been stable, traffic increased steadily, although there are also some know the website optimization problem, but has given his stable flow, not excessive optimize the website, that can be a stable straight down, did not expect in mid May and was down right the website, many keywords was drop right, overnight fall to the bottom flow.

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! Analysis of


A5 (贵族宝贝 Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis.Admin5贵族宝贝) were detected for the comprehensive website, put forward the following optimization problems: the main part from the keyword stack, no drainage (adjusted list page), page page (no lack of internal chain within the chain between the columns), system security vulnerabilities, too. And PHPCMS, there are some loopholes, not reflected in the page plug-in keywords, can be changed to software, the chain store in Shanghai will love the artificial intervention, the output is too concentrated, release the chain, must be natural, to Shanghai dragon will be punished.

Comprehensive data flow In view of the above

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