is your web traffic from which search engines, how much is the proportion of. So the search engine will know your site performance how in other search engines? This may have certain reference function for the love for Shanghai, should be Google’s reference value, because the love of Shanghai believes that besides Google other search engines are not as good as their own, so good ranking in Google may make love with special respect in Shanghai.

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fifth, loyalty, this natural search engine is that the most important, it is also the most want to know. A user in the more pages of your website, just show your content is welcome by the user, then the user’s high loyalty, high loyalty and their natural website ranking will be in front, otherwise it will fall. >

fourth, the geographical distribution, if your keywords with regional nature, that is not to say that if your keywords are public nature, and click on your site but most are from the provinces to your site where the words, so that the data you may not be so healthy, if a the website of health, it should be uniform, at least is scattered.

second, lifting the list:

Analysis of the first

third of respondents, pages, search engines want to know your site in the end users how many pages, but with a rising trend than yesterday is still a downward trend. If you are upgrading trend, so that your website is on the upgrade, good performance, if it is just a downward trend may be your site is there are some problems, the search engine might think so.

love Shanghai launched a statistical tool for several months, I believe most of the webmaster friends are using this tool, this tool can help Shanghai love to collect large amounts of data. If all the sites install this tool, then love a Shanghai search technology can step, that is love in Shanghai can use statistical tools to analyze what the site is protected by the user’s favorite website. This is the most accurate data, then the previous theory will that what the original and the chain was completely subversive, new concept of user experience for the new slogan respect believe will come into being. Although not every site will install love Shanghai statistical tools, but most users believe that the use of this tool, users of the site for the generated data is also beginning to affect the website keywords ranking and website weight, then love Shanghai really is what to get information from the statistical tools in which users in your? The site is left shape will affect the ranking? Today I read this for you.

the love of Shanghai is also quite useful, it can know how you stand outside promotion how to do, direct access to the user a lot, if you open the URL input directly, or use favorites to open it, then it is to prove that you are a user love website, this is also important to love Shanghai.

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