?In addition to the Shanghai dragon

cheating site is divided into buy links, hang black chain, sending and selling links, for these sites selling links is the most serious punishment. Because it broke the fairness of the search engine ranks, and to buy links is to remove its improper chain weight, many sites seems right to be reduced is actually a return to the liberation.

keyword ranking very volatile, many industry keywords ranking very confused. We will find that basically do web site optimization ranking has decreased, while those who did not do the optimization of the website ranking is up. The Shanghai dragon is very depressed, Baidu mind is really fantastic, elusive. In fact, these phenomena are normal, why do you say so. The following small express my personal opinion, small to Shanghai this algorithm upgrade for the white hat website and cheating sites comparative analysis as follows:

looks back to the white Shanghai, but after this a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, love Shanghai update. Whether it is the black hat Shanghai dragon also have white smile, all walks of life keyword ranking chaos. Most of our attention is the key of Shanghai dragon, the emergence of a home has nothing to do with the Shanghai dragon website. This is not enough, famous in the Shanghai dragon industry famous Zac blog also disappeared from the love of Shanghai’s ranking, this let the Shanghai dragon Er boiling up, don’t love Shanghai to kill us? 2012 is really the end of

cheating website

Xiaobian that love Shanghai this update algorithm to update the most punishment website is perfectly logical and reasonable, although there are few webmaster like me to be hurt. But, we must keep a calm state of mind to look at the issue, any sophisticated systems are errors, not to mention the love of Shanghai system. Fortunately, love Shanghai has now opened fire, complaints platform so that we do not work cast to the wind. Finally, for the majority of Shanghai Longfeng are: adhere to the white hat, resist cheating.

white hat website

October 23rd love Shanghai in the webmaster community issued "on the hyperlink cheating algorithm upgrade" announcement, as follows:


from the Xi’an photo editor 贵族宝贝ilove-v贵族宝贝/ A5 pregnant women, starting from, please specify. Thank you for reading


this kind of website does not touch the love of the Shanghai algorithm, but we go to the chain forum, exchange chain website are likely to buy and cheating. The Internet is a very large structure like cobwebs, each site is equivalent to a node, if our website links are around the garbage and cheating site so our website is very dangerous. So in the chain and friends exchange chain to conduct a rigorous analysis to each other, so as to avoid the day after leaving hidden dangers.

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