also said that the station’s website and main web site does not match, suggested that the two. 301 jump, to avoid user confusion.

B, the next step is to use a large number of div+css, a large section of the code is dizzying, plus the framework, just opened a store, but closed doors and windows, the wall is painted black, let the customer to patronize, how to buy? Love Shanghai spiders can’t grab, but also how to make users to search? Love Shanghai do not know the specific content of the site, how can give a lot of weight




A, description and keywords part almost, a large number of keyword stuffing, know love Shanghai valued words, but in the description, there is no need to place keywords so much, and describe the part is mainly to the user, after the search in Shanghai, this is shown:

1, code



style student", shows the campus environment, directly put the name of the section named "campus environment", in order to reduce the misleading to users, also reduce their disappointment.

2 page arrangement



After clicking the "

navigation order is not reasonable, the first "about us" home on the back, do not meet the user browsing habits, suggestions to change the location of the course "Introduction" and "advantage" on the front, the main purpose of this is to browse the website.

The first section of the

is the layout is not reasonable, navigation is not conducive to the picture carousel, love Shanghai spiders, recommend a whole line and below the section exchange position, while the four figure in the carousel figure two is a simple picture, click after no links page, suggestions and links page, so not only can improve the user experience, but also increase the chain to the site, the spider stay longer at the site of the time.

this description does not discuss the users love, if it is on the site, or to the educational institution, as a user, is more useful than

suggested that the reduction of the use of CSS, more use of HTML language or other languages to edit pages.

Links position on the following suggestions raised, navigation, so that the layout is more reasonable.




recently helped do a new optimization analysis, content analysis as follows, if inappropriate, please correct me:

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