The revision of the

site is down right after six months of recovery, has always insisted on the update (in the original), also complained.

6, the problem is often the old station, because the handling of more people, the more the mode of operation, so the investigation more difficult.

said: if not one, then learning Shanghai Dragon Blue sneden principle.

said: if there is no way to save the old station, then re open the new station is also a kind of practice.

said: the search engine for website response requires a certain period of time, the principle of right can.

from the Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog address: Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝fq.Org/3253.html, please

reproduced in the form of links!

love Shanghai frequent adjustments, the number of Shanghai dragon heroes tears collar, the share of the search engine algorithm to adjust the emotion.

8, if the reverse thinking to consider the Shanghai dragon problem caused by the chain down the right and K probability will cause internal problems is much smaller than the site.

4, the website column is set to 301, did not submit the advanced rules in Webmaster tools, search page page not found, but did not submit a proposal.

3, the site was K overnight, leaving only a content page, the background index view recent data data, all data (monthly) is reduced to 0.

said: to the country and the world to heart, yourself and your family, this is only an analogy.

In 2,

1, website right down and recovery in frequent transition between relatively fast frequency of what today is right down, the next day on the recovery of ranking.

said: no matter what the situation was caused by the too big blow, this is the biggest crisis.

The first quarter of 2013

said: no way, do the most basic task is to reach the highest realm of Shanghai dragon.

, 7 new sites in the preparation of detailed planning, and then stick to do white hat Shanghai dragon, half a year after the ranking not bad to go.

said: if Shanghai Longfeng strategy is right, then it should stick to the original idea.

The original,

5, website in the complaint, the same day or the next day will be distributed to the product line, but the difficulty to restore basically, the main is to afford to spend time.

said: we just have to endure loneliness to do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the time integral term.

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