the webmasters are very clear, single link is the other site for an affirmation of their own website, a link to you, you don’t have to go back to the link. This single link is an affirmation of their own website, is a kind of high quality links.

three, single chain link ratio

anchor text is a good link to the title, but also the good keyword ranking title, as long as do the anchor text, keywords ranking will have protection.

This site

links the domain name registration time is longer, the higher the PR, then the name of keywords ranking is better, so the link quality is also higher.

, click on the link

four and link

page can appear the link, but a real page content inside the link is really a good link. This signature inside in the forum, friends of the chain are not as good as in the article appeared in the link of good quality and high effect.


actually see this title, I think we all understand that this link there is the point, and those who are not just to click on the link, search engine optimization, the existence of such a link, it can be said that in a roundabout way, can go to website to use the chain in the rankings, won the users and users get the link, so who is good who bad it is easy to distinguish.

The correlation between linksIn many places a

two, self linked is high-quality

seven, domain name registration, PR, time domain keywords ranking

webmaster will usually check the website ranking, ranking front of the chain number is generally not the usual number of no reverse chain, in fact, from here we can see it out, the ranking of the site and the chain number is not directly related to what. According to the current search engine specification, keywords an anti chain, the better the quality of the website ranking is better. In fact, many owners in the chain, must remember four words "Ningquewulan", do you want to do a good job, good quality, high quality of the chain. What kind of chain is a good anti chain? Here I talk about the views on the quality of the chain.

the reason is very simple, if a search engine optimization content page gave me a link, there is a saying that my weight content of the page content is good, give me the link, obviously can see the relevance of link is much better.

, for example, I was doing the search engine optimization, first I want to enter my Google, Google made a link to my website, this is from the bottom of my heart for Google links.

five, where

eight, link page weight and ranking the better link quality is higher

six, the anchor text

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