1, each local or city, have accountant exam, so we need to put in each city accountant exam registration related time, registration website, registration place theme updates on their website.

2, copy the article, the optimization of the title is the most important, we can not to change the contents of the article, but the title is certain to change here, dry cargo share:

Hello, I have a small, hot test, test class, competition is very fierce, can have to survive, is also looking for ways to continue, so today to the webmaster to share my updated website article, some small changes in the title, how to improve the traffic. The test class website, more test items, keyword optimization is not very good, but the exam is divided into time, so we in the update site article, also want to pay attention to what the present examination is popular test. This time the candidates found what is more, this is relatively easy to find, take now, when the accounting title examination time, then fell in love with the sea search "2012 primary accountant exam enlists time", "junior accountant registration", "2012 primary accountant exam" and so on many related registration long tail keywords. Of course also contains intermediate accounting titles, so in this case, we add in the article will add to this needle long tail keywords, specifically:


A, copy the article, find the title are the "Beijing 2012 primary accounting title examination time in October 28th -11 month 7 days" in this format, but I found that many of the candidates in the local search of the registration information, many will search the local test network accounting or financial bureau, such as "Beijing the accounting network", "Beijing Finance Bureau" such keywords, so I just slightly changed, changed to "Beijing accounting network 2012 primary accounting title examination time in October 28th -11 month 7 day" or "the Beijing Finance Bureau in 2012 primary accounting title examination time in October 28th -11 month 7 days, then this the love of Shanghai included, if the site has a certain weight, when the candidates found" Beijing accounting network "," Beijing Finance Bureau "is possible to search our article. At the same time there will be some combination of long tail keywords "Beijing accounting network 2012 accounting registration", Beijing Finance Bureau junior accountant registration time "and so on, so the traffic is inconceivable to us.

B, there is an important phenomenon, is in the year, treatment is also detailed, we can imagine themselves in search of related things, in order to save typing, often in the year after will not play "in" word. As of 2012, I love playing only 2012, so many of our webmaster, do not pay attention to this, so in the article, will add " Beijing Finance Bureau 2012 primary accounting title examination time in October 28th -1>

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