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by Shanghai Longfeng practice for several months, there is a new understanding of the. My job now is network optimization to a mechanical equipment company, the update and the chain need to do 4 sites daily release. A lot of people believe that June is love to play Shanghai a lot, but I believe as long as there is no suspected of cheating now ranking began to recover. Here to share with you a little experience in the months to publish articles on the enterprise website, hope to help beginners some Shanghai dragon.

original article is a required course for Shanghai dragon, but the original limited resources, one day a original, well, no problem. But one day 10, 20? To the original words is obviously very time-consuming. In fact, in our website early when there is no ranking, can add the appropriate pseudo original, like most said that two parameters a, and disrupt the order of synonyms, quoted at the end of their period of words at the beginning and directly copied, these methods are useful, although not included in the original good effect.



enterprise must be original


in Shanghai Longfeng areas, some experience more than just my months post, recording and snapshot are very good. But remember the website to the home page will be hard to do, as the original, or find some correlation and watch high false original articles on the home page, because you >

believe that this problem must make a lot of Shanghai Longfeng ER feel a headache, I am no exception. Do Shanghai have been emphasizing the dragon, original is king, but that is very light, it is not so easy. The high correlation of the article is limited, so we need to broaden the horizons, to extend to our products can come into contact with the industry or goods. I wrote on the mill of the article, so in this article I mentioned the iron or steel prices or prices, this is also relevant, and these problems are of interest to the user, so the user experience is also very good.

does not rank in the site you can go to some news websites to copy some news comments, is generally not the spider crawling these comments, that is to say basically is original. For example, your web site keywords "XX cosmetics", then your title can be named as "XX cosmetics on the XX news event view.". Then you can put these comments with some slight modifications in the article, so it looks more smooth, intermediate from time to time with your own keywords. Of course not hard plug, but reasonable to add. This approach is only suitable for the website did not get good rankings to use, because the user experience is not very good, only for the spider to play a good role included.

The Also I need to learn a lot of how to write original articles?Before

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