Bai Bing network marketing training company to optimize each enterprise website, described will think for a long time, think about how it keywords reasonable layout, focus will be a long time, ranking. Description and title to nature, cohesion, a reasonable sentence, even win the favor of search engine.


third points: to describe the natural and reasonable, the key words to cohesion.

the first point: the home key is not easy too many keywords reasonable foothold.

fourth: content optimization keywords >

We ! Since

enterprise website optimization keywords is not very hot, you can put a little note ranking sit up. The enterprise to optimize the experience of Bai Bing network marketing training company for many years engaged in the K station and down right has very little, the most important is to follow the rules of love Shanghai, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform often look at the information, do not firmly, Shanghai Dragon don’t challenge the search engine to the limit, the consequences will be grievous. Do the optimization of each site should be carefully done, every detail for it. Good intentions of station, Shanghai dragon natural ranking will come up.

Bai Bing network marketing training company for the enterprise website optimization should pay attention to what place, through their own experience to share with the Shanghai dragon, I hope to help you do website optimization.

URL is the only keep included a factor, if by any URL can open the same page, this page will be scattered a lot of weight, no page weight, what about the keywords ranking, this website is not drop right just strange! URL symmetry is a URL corresponding to a title, a lot of website URL Title are the same, which leads to the other factors included not ideal

began to love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, this algorithm has been implemented for more than a month, Hangzhou Shanghai dragon club group of people often complain about the site and the right to be reduced, the algorithm is over, really do not need the site optimization? Individuals engaged in enterprise website optimization, that a large number of cases, not Shanghai Longfeng is no way out. Without innovation, according to the requirements of Shanghai love to do keywords ranking Shanghai dragon. Since Shanghai dragon Er rely on search engines to eat, need to follow the rules, breaking the rules of nature lost competitiveness and fairness. Since the algorithm proposed against low pomegranate quality content, why do the acquisition or pseudo original, these things naturally lose value, slowly in the search engine above reduced impression.

many of the common enterprise website title many words, nor to use word segmentation technology, especially a lot of words are more similar to the search engine a accumulation of feeling, imagine how this website won the favor of search engine, not to mention the user experience. A good website keywords, 3-4, if the words are too long, you can put two core on the home page, other keywords can be used to reflect the special.

second: URL uniqueness and symmetry to clear

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