link is more and more difficult, what can we do? The contents of it. The content in the first place, conscientious. Yesterday, a group of Shanghai dragon has been discussed, what is the new focus of website optimization in the future? I think for a long time the content is automatic speaking said. Because, I believe the website itself more and more influence on the search engine ranking. Don’t know if this is bullshit. But whether you believe it or not, anyway, I believed.

, of course, to some extent, we many people did not ignore the content. Because we have been keen on false original. "Pseudo original tools, it’s more easy ah." A guy told me. That day, I try to use. But after the pseudo original content, I see straight sick.

As for

for search engines, the most basic is content to let the search engine easy to grab, to the path of the content page not too complicated. The same piece of content is best not paging display, it is best not to put a piece of content is divided into several sections to (for example: website optimization new focus: content is king "one", website optimization new focus: content is king "two"). The content with his own uniqueness. Can best original, not the original false original line. But don’t just rely on the best pseudo original tools. What >


content is king, the chain for the emperor, the industry has been regarded as the golden laws and precious rules website optimization. Of course, these eight characters have been sonorous and forceful, guide us in the website optimization on the road straight forward. Today, when the Internet "junk" flying, search engine called algorithm changes, we also have the occupation of Shanghai dragon challenge. So many people say, difficult to do search engine rankings, we in the fight against the Shanghai dragon……

, how to do? The content of the website and search engine and users must be related to facilitate the search engine’s index, but also has a certain value to the users.

sometimes, I also think, Shanghai dragon what to do. Because I feel, do Shanghai Longfeng do after period of time, but more and more don’t know how to do. I am confused, wandering, helpless, love Shanghai last week to update, let me heartache. Because it is cruel to the webmaster nets section collected before the link, a lot of K. And today, I see the inside of the hair didn’t also included many links. This is that, after the sea will love to the quality was not high advertising section in the link, lower weight,. But almost all the weights of the BBS in addition to high advertising pages, to the other place with a link, simply tell some fantastic tales.

is that really so? Looking back, we see the road. It seems that once in the way of Web site optimization, we pay more attention to is the chain. We have no regrets of the persistent pursuit of the number of the chain, we even at the chain with software group, or Qun Jian waste site. Regardless of the day and night, we took the hardship, for from the rising of the chain, get little satisfaction.

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