: focus on DNS Security and server security; binding only resolvable domain or only accessible URL;

D, part of the bad information

: update frequency stability, content development, expand the editorial team to produce more new content, let the Web index decrease, continued to increase. (when the update frequency and volume decreased significantly, so the quota will decrease, the first performance capture frequency decreased, resulting in decreased

: Webmaster Platform link submission tool push function, the new website links submitted in a timely manner, will delay content of calls to other platforms of the time;

solution: to improve the quality of the contents, see Shanghai love webmasters college related content; to do a simple copy, the integration of information.

[data] station has an external platform using

link using absolute address in the page content2, )

C, timeliness of information lost

, a common cause of lead to fall in love with


B, is mirrored by other users, host domain name or URL directly access its contents.


1, URL data is not content. Standard

: the timeliness of information, most of the general in the database will not be long-term retention, so need to continue mining aging information point, integration of related content.

A, the content quality decreased

[his site URL unified

– site causes the decline of sea index index) ] related web content

site favored decreased

: domain name (or URL), all the other URL domain are 301 redirect to the main domain (or URL), and the webmaster tools to submit the domain name (or directory revision revision of URL

: put an end to the chain of soft Wen.

B, the update frequency and quantity decreased by

A, market cooperation, site data calls to other platforms; active outward, extension staff complete forwarding its own content to a high quality platform — these two reasons are likely to cause the search engine included the external platform content to the original web content


index is the base of the latter, each change index data have struck a webmaster sensitive nerve, "after the index decreased how analysis has been a hot topic to discuss. The webmaster community moderator Lao Lu and the most complete draw a sword and render help, look at the history of love sea index decline reason analysis and solution.

domain name can be 200 normal access web content; a domain name appeared in a variety of URL can access the same content, such as the size of URL, URL change rules of writing.

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