love the Shanghai announced a hyperlink cheating algorithms include almost all our upgrade, the way of the chain, so that some owners suddenly feel after the chain will do more good, or even impossible to start (refer to the construction of the chain scheme still works). In fact despite the improved algorithm does not say, hyperlink has been cheating object love Shanghai and other search engine hit. Because the hyperlink cheating, indeed can manipulate the website ranking in Shanghai love search results, which affects the quality of the search results and hurt the user experience.

said this is because the webmaster friends used to love Shanghai each upgrade algorithm called "update", this update word is ambiguous, a layer of meaning to change the algorithm, namely abandon the old algorithm, using the new algorithm; another layer is the upgrade algorithm on the basis of the original, it is the core of the algorithm there is no change.


for the improved algorithm to many of my friends asked me what I think, will not cause a large number of K stations, keywords ranking will greatly reduce, in fact, my answer is very simple, the algorithm for the hyperlink cheating, as long as your site is not through hyperlinks cheating in the past, will not be punished, instead effect is good. The author of the blog in the word of this algorithm before the upgrade of Shanghai dragon has been hovering in the 7~8 page, but now basically stable in the 2~3 page.

most of the time in Shanghai when it comes to love algorithm update, the first reaction is always thought love Shanghai algorithm changed again, so I love Shanghai every update algorithm called "improved", in fact observe friends will find that love Shanghai official announcement use "upgrade" a word. For example, in October 23rd issued a notice titled: a super chain cheating algorithm upgrade 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/73

to smooth the attitude towards improved love Shanghai algorithm, because love Shanghai by striking the manipulation of search engine ranking of cheating, the effective maintenance of large hard construction site content owners interests. Finally, advise everyone to focus on the construction of website, as for the optimization of Shanghai dragon as long as well in the station optimization, to the search engine and user experience, need not focus on how the mass of the chain, buy links and black chain etc..

from 贵族宝贝45fan贵族宝贝/, reproduced the need to indicate the source of


We should

hyperlink algorithm upgrade

super chain cheating targets

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