content and the chain are two important factors to realize and promote the website optimization effect, but also can not ignore the internal links and sites. Internal links for sites like a "house" of the prime minister, it can take between the content of the website contact more closely, make the site more compact structure, so as to facilitate the search engine spiders can maximize the crawling web pages and content, thereby increasing the quantity and quality and included, the importance of self-evident optimization.

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, the three discipline to keep in mind, strictly follow the premise is

2, the chain for the emperor, the chain is the site to improve the weight of

chain for the phase, the chain is in the promotion of website optimization key

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1, update the contents of the law to have

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, we should actively take the necessary means of optimization for love Shanghai and noble baby, to enhance the web site in the search engine rankings obtained here and collected, at the same time, more attention should be paid to the most important optimization process is the emphasis on the "degree", not blindly in order to enhance the optimization effect means of excessive use, otherwise can only be counterproductive consequences.

content and the chain, as a site of two legs, one leg left out of a good road, site in the optimization of the road is difficult to go far! So, to achieve the optimization effect of website promotion, must be the two aspects to grasp the good. The chain for the site is like a personal friend, only your friends more and more outstanding, in order to prove your website enough optimization, such sites can be most easily and quickly get the search engine to give you high weight.

in general, especially as Chinese search engine boss love Shanghai, for those of us Chinese mainly for the domestic users of the site, is undoubtedly the most important object of optimization. The optimization effect to achieve the predetermined, better, is the only proper course to take our algorithms to love Shanghai rules. With our accumulated experience and combining with the current love Shanghai algorithm rules in the current optimization algorithm we need to follow the following rules, which are summarized as three discipline and eight note, let us be more friendly, more easily in the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization process of implementation and execution.

is a source of value, is the value of the website, to search engine optimization for the same content is the core of the most crucial place, so we have known the "content is king" this sentence. In the optimization process, regardless of any aspect of the optimization method, to put content focused on the status of the user to the search engine is to provide high quality original and fresh content, is the key to obtain a search engine weight and favor the

site optimization is not only to search engine is.

1, content is king, no content you have everything

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