if the site planning a building design drawings, so the website construction is the building of a building, the user experience is like the appearance of the building and matching with the architectural style and unique highlights around. The construction of a good building reflects a good architect’s attainments and value, also a good website can be seen in web design and development staff analysis and planning ability.

website construction is good not what they say, but from the search engine and user experience of the website visit rate to judge. The construction of a good website also cannot do without promotion operations, if the station staff to create shells, so people like the web site operators to promote the use of grab shells fired people. Good operating personnel without good shells is map appearance, not the content of the name. So the site to start from inside, and start from every detail of the website.

website optimization is a systematic and long-term work, need to invest a lot of time and energy. Site optimization personnel is a hospital doctor, is in need of yourself for the operation and management of the medical diagnosis, and then prescribe treatment for the disease. A good doctor is able to do good. Webmaster friends know that doctors in this industry is a need for staff to have superb skills and careful work style, is also very strict requirements on the details of. We are also in the website optimization process, many webmaster friends is this lack of attention to detail, often at the site of the local optimization details easy to ignore. According to the author for many years engaged in the Shanghai dragon experience, website optimization details can start from the following aspects:

URL: now many stations are dynamic interactive stations is database driven. Pure static HTML station basically No. Because of the limitations of current search engine than Google can completely resolve to support dynamic URL and other search engines are basically static URL love, URL is not equal to say hello, and parameters of these dynamic sign. Maybe a lot of people especially some new webmaster friends will ask: "why do we see the website URL is static?" because of the limitations of the search engine, a lot of pseudo static station do static processing is often said, it can be said that the current more than 90% stations have done a pseudo static processing. But do not consider the user experience, considering the page URL from the user’s visual angle. Here we see an example 1, 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/search/infolist_news? 2, cid=F5B5B240-2587-4B37-8342-6329893D607A; 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/news, 贵族宝贝news.xxxx贵族宝贝; 3. The first is the Liduoduo network news channel RU>

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