love Shanghai is designed to meet the needs of users, improve the market share, so your site can meet the needs of users will be able to meet the needs of the search engine, some people say that high quality articles in front of it is to meet the needs of users? Indeed, user needs high quality articles, but also will change the demand. For example, a Shanghai dragon website, the user is of course the main demand of Shanghai Longfeng technical articles, but if a certain period of time, the emergence of a large number of websites pan analytical, user demand analysis of Pan related articles, if your site is not, users will go to another site, and even become long-term users of the site.


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two, continue to meet the new requirements of

continues to change in the search engine, the industry increasingly fierce competition today, many have been ranked good webmaster every day is not practical, afraid of hard earned rankings then ranked how to take wings to itself, the hard won? Because the website can get ranked good, it shows some basic settings for the web site, link structure, and the chain included, etc. are also good, does not have what problem, here not much said, the main talk about elements of 2 point stable website ranking.

content is always the root of the website, the website content quality must be high, do not fool not to fool the user search engine. The site for ranking, the chain accounted for a large part of the factors, but after the ranking, the main factor selection and voting user account. Do not think of a website ranking after feeling relaxed, and then reduce the quality of content update, copy collection are used, not happy too early, the user time just to check, this time will reduce the quality of content will undoubtedly tell users, you can not come.

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so, we need to continue to find the needs of users, users demand is also the search engine have needs, and we need to supply the demand. Of course, the demand can not the theme of the site and the derailment. The fruit shop is open, if the user needs to sell the broom broom, if demand cups sold cups, in the course of time, your grocery shop is not the fruit shop, so is the supplement to the website, users demand should be relevant, not out of place.

imagine, website keywords just to fifth, finally can bring traffic to the site, to attract users, the user entered, see are not good content, the results? Short residence time, jump out rate is high, the user directly will give you a failure, this is equivalent to search just out of the station is the recommended engine user to deny, apparently not long search engine will put you to negate. It is ranked in the website, must continue to supply high quality articles, timely grasp the user access to users of all ages, not to be missed. Just as many well-known blog, the article is a very good access to a large number of users, even if the article behind a still very many people to see.

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