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today’s Internet era, the mass information to make people less than their own to scrutinize every information. But some information is very important, we must let all people know. The above mentioned "hunger breeds discontentment", when the milk makes only a short while ago, terrible pain as a start, up to now, all kinds of harmful to human health of various types of food safety incidents have frequently been exposed, there also are some large well-known enterprises. TV reported every day, every day with all kinds of information on the network. However, for ordinary people, these problems are at a loss what to do, only passively waiting, no other way. Even the Internet, is also very fragmentary and trivial. Have an immediate food safety platform, a full range of information display, is insight into user needs and meet the needs of users, the only way the search engine provides the information is most in need of the user. Many search engines have said that in order to enhance the user experience is constantly improved, the author thinks that the improvement or innovation, or can not find the user needs and provide the most comprehensive information, the user experience should be a slogan. For users, to search a more accurate information is not easy, because everyone’s ideas are not the same, the search engine and how to do is Tastes differ all tastes.. But, do it immediately, but he only took all of this one are concerned, do with. Only from this point, the other search engines are necessary to learn from the.

is the root of plough


you may be interested instantly search engine is not much, but as long as there is the understanding of friends can be found immediately, search engine has two bright spots, one is the exposure table, one is food security. This and other search engines are completely different, can also reflect the "immediate" characteristic, let you immediately know that these should be aware of the content. Today, we have to mention the exposure table, first look at the food safety, because the priority of this but everyone concerned. As the saying goes: "the country people, hunger breeds discontentment." You can imagine, the relationship between food safety and human is very important. Through the immediate food security platform, what do you think of

to the end, food safety has become one of the hottest topics, although people hate all the harm to people’s health food, but do not alert awareness and prevention from the source. At this time, the immediate food safety suddenly appeared in front of people, so that people can find information about the platform, is not timely assistance.

is the author of shallow views, and we hope to share.


captures the user needs, also need to plough. If you can not displays the information rich and comprehensive, and the search in the search box is not what kind of two. The plough is able to reflect the real needs of users can understand. Users are most concerned about the content of what is.

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