QQ net station column must be arranged planned. Since it is a resource station should better serve the majority of Internet users, some stations opened the screen is a non mainstream Martian, bewildering. In this detail, I am quite work, as far as possible all the columns at a glance, we see after heart will feel I have been doing! We all share QQ net station usually put a lot of advertising, so is my station, this is compelling, the website only normal operation can be better serve you, I can do is to regulate the website advertising, try not to put the window

had to do the station, there is a friend told me, QQ net station is very competitive, like standing in such a large want too many to count, talent shows itself in the group, the difficulty can be imagined! But I believed in myself, with my understanding of the unique QQ net station, I have confidence well, here’s to my site to do a case analysis of


nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it! In the face of difficulties, I decided to choose a QQ net station. At the beginning of the site, I visited countless QQ net station to do the homework, found that the majority of QQ net station interface with refreshing simplicity as the main style, I hold different views on this point, I think the QQ name is the publicity of their personality, their personal independence of conduct side show to everyone, so I choose black cool as the site of the subject background, the fact that my choice is not wrong, black represents personality, and this represents the mystery, I indulge in flying into common flow station in line with my taste agree without prior without previous consultation, the original black interface gives visitors a sense of mystery and dignified, very significant

, time flies, time flies! My QQ name from station to station now has more than a year, recalled this year the establishment of the heart calendar away, feeling a lot, it is five mixed! With the frustration of failure also have the joy of success, but in any case I love but on QQ net station such as the salutary influence of education in general, winter to spring, perhaps never stopped as summer goes and winter comes,! Because this silent love, prompted me to stick to now and a little

! !

the following on the talk about how to operate their own QQ net station and achieve the purpose of profit, I think this is the webmaster and most concerned about the most confusing topic, in fact, do a web site to make money is very difficult, most of the current QQ net station of revenue comes from advertising, but this is really a meager income people find it difficult to accept, isn’t there a better way? There are definitely, it depends on how you do the promotion, we all know that according to the sales commission advertising commissions are high, every month at the Taobao customer get pocket money is far from a minority of people, as long as you can browse your website the visitors into customers, the money will come, with your unique promotion means to increase such conversion rate, money is to brush! Of course to promote the products to meet your audience, such as QQ net station visitors generally Is the young man, "

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