good trend has just opened, it has experienced 6.28 days of black storm, my station also unfortunately caught them, not only the snapshot back to June 19th. And the site:www.***.cn home page not included, the contents of the news from time to time included an article. A keyword ranking is down to one hundred. The chain is also much reduced. When using the webmaster tools query, has a chance to K seven percent station. To see such a situation, the analysis before the black storm on the site to do what changes.

well, I just took over the site, is a six year old station, using the ASP language, technical personnel only in accordance with the technical thinking to site, but ignore the factors of optimization, the website did not send to generate static pages, and there is no space to generate static pages in this program. Keywords setting is too broad, no key, title did not set clear title. The interface between the plate is not too good, the content is dead, the content of the website in addition to home up to sixty percent of the repeat page target keyword density is too small, it is the guide keywords some irrelevant words. But for six years no one has been optimized, the initial detection of this station information with webmaster tools, included only more than 30 pages, the garbage chain actually reached 10W, but it is because the snapshot left before bidding. And each page hung black chain. Since it took over, to accept such a situation, slowly began to optimize.

believes that most people experience forum inside the black storm, love Shanghai 6.28K station after the storm, most sites are too horrible to look at. Especially on traffic to eat the personal webmaster, because many web site optimization operational errors caused by K off or directly included mad. After the baptism, basically all the webmaster forum is filled with such a discussion, "when I stand is formal optimization, why should K out of" cheating "ah, my site was in love Shanghai home, now basically can not find the" ranking "Baidu mad, webmaster follow". Surely you are one of them. In fact, there is a problem, you do not want to understand, to the forum to help is a very good practice, but a taste for help, but refused to find the reasons from their own body, it will not form a personal opinion, easy to be fooled by what people say.

is the first tltle title, keyword, describes the new simplified, finishing again. The website has an internal news content can be updated every day, two articles, and in the interior and the anchor of long tail keywords. The black chain of each page are slowly removed and each page is arranged at the bottom of the long tail keywords and point to the relevant page. Set the site map, and submit to the love of Shanghai Google. Regular daily check and send the chain, the chain included situation. This site contains slowly up, and the original 30 pages included in 200 pages. Keywords ranking and ranking is gradually stabilized and gradually rise upward.

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