here is a simple list of cases were analyzed.

link mode charging mode inside the network alliance love Shanghai.



here to Shanghai from several sources to analyze the bidding flow calculation principle of love. As we all know, love is URL trigger charging charging mode in Shanghai. That is to say, love in Shanghai charging time, must be triggered to calculate the cost of links. In fact, all search engines are such patterns.

360 browser, Kingsoft antivirus software, computer housekeeper has risk warning, a direct result of traffic can not enter the website.

traffic statistics difference, has been troubled by the majority of users bidding. Whether it is noble baby still love Shanghai, the statistics of the background statistical tools and the third party billing traffic flow statistics have certain differences, some are as high as 30%.



this is a set of data we provide in the bidding stage, click 173 times. Which contains the data search and data network alliance. Compared with another statistical tool, we look at the differences in the specific data.

We have to look at:


and Kingsoft antivirus software directly to the page to intercept, trigger charging love Shanghai link normal force, but the user sees only the risk of a page. No >


this is the link is to search the billing link mode to love Shanghai.

so, as long as the emergence of such links, it will undoubtedly deductions. Obviously, the search engine will not loss of flow, flow reduction problem must then appear in other aspects. We further analysis and demonstration of

comparison we can finally found love Shanghai billing, as long as the trigger of this link is the normal fee. This is why we are many hits the same ad without this link but directly jump to the target page. So the vast majority of software patterns of malicious click behavior, will be invalid, love Shanghai shield.

love Shanghai to boycott the 360 counter attack, security alliance was established in September 2012, many sites are blocked, and suggests the presence of risk.

A comparative case through the actual analysis of

find the root of the problem

This is a security alliance called"

you can see, there is 145IP statistical data. Why the difference is so big, where exactly is the problem?


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