mobile phone had to pay close attention to the love of Shanghai, is the rapid development of mobile Internet resources, in order to make the most suitable for the mobile terminal to browse the results presented to the user, to create the ideal love Shanghai mobile search experience, open mobile search optimization service.

Mini station linkBefore the

micro-blog and space, personally think that the real name system will become a trend, is also reflected in the love of Shanghai search engine, of course, the real name system mainly through the love of Shanghai platform authentication on the website, the website itself covers the information true and effective. In fact, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform community "presence" is also reflected in this aspect in the search engine to prevent personal information.

2, there are pictures and the truth


The effect of


4, mobile search optimization open service

love Shanghai search engine a lot of increase in the integration of vertical search function, more to meet the user’s search behavior, love Shanghai in Webmaster Platform community noted in the "timeliness of resource collection", on the one hand also stressed the love and attention to the latest Shanghai show correlation, which shows the comprehensive content continually to strengthen, especially the picture information.

on the love of Shanghai and summarize the change of search engine:

Continue to promote real name system of

3, the real name system trust



Application of

recently is strange, so want to use your head, to summarize the recent love Shanghai search engine observation and their fine views, hope to themselves or to help a friend, also hope that readers can support, less gossip chat, get down.

5, cheating site

6.22 and 6.28, the event is over, but many webmaster think things come to an end, in fact, love Shanghai to brush word and click on the wrong information to clean up, and review for certain sites, to observe whether there is cheating, and make corresponding measures.

search engine has been successful for many years baby noble sports Mini station links, according to the site itself is noble baby weight, to be able to meet a weight value, will automatically show to the user, improve the user experience. Love Shanghai recently for this feature provides open access, not only is the use of love and love in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai Post Bar, is using in Shanghai open platform certification, to the webmaster friends open the entrance, of course, need to own site high quality, high degree of trust.


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