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recently, Shanghai dragon ER switch has been hot topic in the industry

crisis, the crisis in the organic. The key is how we in danger really find suitable opportunity, how in practice to really grasp this opportunity.

this is fully consistent with the long tail theory — any of the present popular will become the future long tail, Shanghai dragon is a specific industry specific period, with the Shanghai dragon has become the inevitable specification website maintenance, as an occupation (in training), Shanghai dragon will gradually move toward a downturn from hot.

should be said, "Shanghai dragon ER switch" has become a topic search engine is a commercial development – the inevitable trend to keep the search engine ranking recommendation credibility, search engine algorithm for frequent updates; and the search engine in constructing trusted content system with their own as a guide, plus a variety of search engine advertising, Shanghai Longfeng position greatly diminished, Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, and make up the ranking is not stable.

of Shanghai Longfeng time cost is expensive, the abuse of the Shanghai dragon effect is very difficult to guarantee the full. At the same time, such as Tmall, Jingdong and other strong business platform development, search traffic caused by them than the search engine quality, more favored by businessmen; not to mention the social marketing platform for the other to rise. As a result, in addition to some well-known Shanghai dragon ER, the development space of pure professional Shanghai Longfeng objectively indeed in shrinking.



recently, "Shanghai dragon ER switch topic constantly in the webmaster forum on the site, I believe that many people have more than once in the heart to think seriously about this problem.

Shanghai Longfeng hot occasion, "Shanghai dragon ER switch to the topic is not popular rumors" not only Weakness lends wings to rumours., Shanghai dragon die "four; from the domestic job market, the number of search engine bidding specialist and Taobao Shanghai Longfeng recruitment was significantly increased, and keep rising trend; and roughly compare the recruitment the compensation unit, generally higher than the general search engine bidding specialist Shanghai dragon ER.

first, Shanghai dragon ER switch is normal, is now a modern commercial society, occupation adjustment is the person’s life must often experience the challenge, as the saying goes "the dead tree and move to live", that "the Shanghai dragon as a lifelong occupation" was too wishful thinking, not be an anachronism, see Shanghai from Phoenix the angle of the development.

in the recruitment of these enterprises in the eyes, Shanghai dragon is a search engine advertising PPC an effective supplement and auxiliary – Shanghai dragon has gradually become a long tail marketing means, its purpose is to catch the other, the mainstream network marketing methods do not have long tail traffic caught early, not before the scenery.

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