is a self educated Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a complex and simple technique. This period of time at home with their own understanding of a with a friend the same experience, love the same game, daughter is as big, and have done the catering industry, he is now unemployed, I feel like two years ago, I called him brother apprentice, than my age the big point. Fate, I decide to teach him the Shanghai dragon knowledge, want to let him in the future development of the network. By the way in the A5 share one I don’t understand how to teach this web based friend is how to learn Shanghai dragon.

3: use four days to prepare for the chain resources, now the network spread a chain of resources EXE, I asked the apprentice brother to register all registered, down about 400 forums and 100 blogs, and then give him carefully about the forum and forum posting and tasks the signature of the relationship, and then learn the application of pseudo original software.

4: Here I have to speak with the novice webmaster forum outside the chain, webmasters often open protection forum registration, can register after the first look there is no signature, signature function is very useful. After registration may not post or outside the chain, then have the task to do the task, no task of top posts. Then the relevant content accumulated points in different sections, such as recruitment, I would like to send their recruitment site editing, customer service position. We slowly master more skills.

1: the use of three days on the A5 website address: self HTML, A5 site and HTML, there is a detailed tutorial, beginners may feel boring, do not know where can cooperate with relevant video, the interest foundation established. The head of the threshold is very low now, there are a lot of free and open source CMS, only need to understand some simple HTML. In fact, people often in a dilemma is to learn more to succeed.

Of course The

5: give him a project let him try to write the site title description, using CMS to do its own website, began to really Shanghai dragon road. And then repeatedly communicate with him the positioning of the site and mode of operation, always let him put the Shanghai dragon in the heart.

Shanghai dragon is the test of the will of the people, the apprentice brother refueling, refueling station friends, insisted that the dawn of victory. 贵族宝贝230954贵族宝贝/forum-49-1.html webmaster A5 first, hope for the novice friends help. Finally give novice webmaster friends words, webmaster >

2: in search of 7 husband love Shanghai Shanghai dragon video tutorial only use two days of time to repeatedly, and then read from the moment, see many webmaster on A5 every day to share Shanghai dragon. This 35 days later you will understand Shanghai dragon is what to do, how to implement the chain + content? This is a big trend. For a long time you will accumulate a lot of knowledge, direct point is wealth.

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