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then, we know clearly about themselves, believe that most of the webmaster friends with Bao Chen, is the Webmaster Station webmaster tools, love stand or observation tool to system of a website, here to talk about the main observation Bao Chen: those are mainly observed sites of the four major search data engine, love Shanghai, noble baby, 360, sogou. Check your site and the reverse link, and we know the 3 website label, especially the title and keyword set search engine, after several years of change algorithm, but the standard.

is often seen in some QQ group or circle of friends ask, why am I so hard? My website ranking did not achieve the love Shanghai? Why do I still love Shanghai site has ranked second pages? There are friends, may enter the home shortly before the site for a period of time, suddenly found again from the home page down the various types of speculation, burning with impatience, came out, I did not write the original? Is my recent changes to the site? Is there junk the chain? All kinds of speculation out, but their generality is not systematic, today, 56 webmaster forum – Wang Baochen to talk about, for the problem of website look at how the program is Bao Chen, the process of site diagnosis:

The investigation of

first, I will first observe the site basic settings, for example: I will first take a look at this website are analyzed, and their IP address is always 56, pushing the webmaster forum has a web site diagnosis forum, founded in 2013 October, in the past 1 years, the more than 100 the site diagnosis, I found that there are approximately 7, 8 domain name only resolve WWW (without WWW, internationally recognized is the main domain name, as a 301 redirect or absolute path, that is the main domain name!), also included, such as: site 301 or absolute path, 404 error the page settings, open the speed of website, web page volume, div+css will be less than 15KB in size, the smaller the volume of this page access faster, some of the table layout of the site, especially if you visit a The website 2-3 seconds nothing, suddenly all jumped out, that is the entire page first nested a big table, all other code inside lead, this web page layout completely mistaken. The 301 and 2 absolute path 1, in the past have diagnosed more than 100 free web station, at least 5 websites, this point is not ready, and this is one of the focus to weight must choose the details of setting up point. (in fact, many sites have been ranked up or unstable, most of the problems or base class settings, Wang Baochen believes that enterprises station 40% is optimized to work at the station, only do the basics, you can start to flex its muscles to do a website to do the external promotion value,

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