love Shanghai optimization how to choose keywords, choose effective keywords reason:

) Keywords

, a selection from the amount collected and search volume.

1: there are inherent in the name of keywords. Such as: male infertility, female infertility, prostatitis disease, dead sperm, sperm, semen liquefaction, tubal blockage of

two, professional perspective keywords.

four, Shanghai dragon personnel on site optimization perspective keywords

2: the combination of optimization and promotion on the website of learning, innovation is the key. (learning website of others only ranked behind others, only innovation can get a new ranking to No. 1) learning reference to another website, discover the words and sentences more valuable in modifying innovation, key words or sentences into their own.

1: users search more words and sentences and the name of disease. (the time) by the method of multi site traffic statistics for each keyword, should choose to consider what words, and don’t choose what words. Don’t go to guess what the word most probably it did not actually happen. Can also be judged and analyzes a series of key words or sentences by comparing the well-known tools, finally do screening. In accordance with the method to determine the weights of the site itself, if the front row is full of enterprise portal home page, the weights are in its optimization on the website, which you want to cross them almost impossible, in vain. Only to avoid greater competition, innovation can make themselves reflect the value of.

1: from the amount collected and click rate analysis, what words do not do what good words, do good words, difficult words to avoid. What a short period of time, through some of the hand off the top. (black hat: a large number of backlinks, from the content, keywords accumulation, automatic generation of blogs, which can use the software, artificial

2: the site layout and layout. Keywords the layout way to increase customer want to optimize. Without considering the specialty and user fitness, conversion rate, just do things.

2: search volume: according to love Shanghai love Shanghai index, made a statistical chart clearly, can clearly see the relevant keywords on click and click on. There are also areas, people. There is a very clear record. The attention degree.

three, the user experience perspective

1: Shanghai this is love: the amount included in the key words or sentences included all the information. The amount included in the less that some words or sentences more remote. (some number in each of the search results page, lower right corner of a number of clear display)

analysis to consider conversion efficiency of disease, uterine diseases etc.

site selection >

2: natural key combination form fluent words or sentences to do the optimization object. Such as: causes, symptoms and treatment of male infertility, female infertility causes, symptoms and treatment of

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