Robin Li has personally tasted the bitter "danger to survive" — he must lay down and give yourself a guagu healing like change.

"Survival is not pretty." the danger of survival posture can not look good, shellfish said.

July 28th, Robin Li laugh in the earnings conference.

sh419 /union.sh419 extremely difficult, 100RMB bank transfer post office is almost

01 guagu healing

but contrary to his bossy, attacking sh419, Robin Li is actually a very cautious person.

third, Ali, mom. Ali mother’s success, because there is YAHOO strong support for advertising. Otherwise, all on time, long valuation advertising. We are willing to do the alliance. The bottom line without Alipay payment.

Robin Li in the plateau of the chilly wind topless, with Grylls climbing trip bog ice water, tore off a dead yak slimy fur draped over the body, and the stench of yak heart out.

In February of this year, Robin Li, who rarely participated in entertainment programs, was on the "cross-country miles" with shellfish,

suppressed for 2 years, the final release, this is a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment of pleasure, shows between the lines.

shlf1314 adsenseshlf1314/adsense easy 100 knives check Western Union

that night, the capital market gave a certain, sh419 shares soared 9.45%.

insiders have joked that Robin Li is probably the last person to make his own Excel form to buy a car.

, if your site traffic is big, I suggest you to shlf1314 Adsense based, to sh419 alliance as a supplement, for the following reasons, shlf1314 Adsense buckle amount should be relatively small. And so far he doesn’t pay a tax. sh419 alliance and Ali mom after more than 800 blocks, you have to deduct 20% of the tax. Ali will also charge service charges, for large traffic sites, this loss is quite large. For example, do shlf1314 income 1W, do sh419 only 8 thousand. Ali is less than 8 thousand.

in sh419 inside and friends, he was playing "Romance" and "noble" label, in a certain period of annual meeting of sh419, he was wearing a "golden armour" to play the drums, but it still seemed heroic in the thick under loading.

League name, application address, application amount, payment amount, payment method, unit price

control desire is so strong, so he admitted that he is not good at, and the whole sh419 handed over to others, Robin Li heart will experience how roaring and stormy waves of

below to analyze the differences between these alliances


, if you site traffic is small, I suggest you to Ali mother based, for the following reasons, flow is small, not easy to apply to the sh419 alliance. shlf1314 Adsense 100>


, 48, Robin Li, is still a pale Prince face.

Robin Li will list the performance, weight, price, and even the size of the trunk and the seat width of the seven or eight cars.


mom alimama is fairly easy without requiring Alipay


second, shlf1314 Adsense for address shlf1314/adsense, I’ve been in the shlf1314 League since 04 years ago. The price is good, too. Easy to apply. If your station keeps displaying English ads, you will send it. Now support checks and Western union. Collection is also convenient. 100 dollars to pay.

bet on AI, betting Qi Lu, who had numerous chess Robin Li, this step is to go on……

Robin Li’s dream is to retire and grow flowers. Like flowers and techniques, you deal with fixed things. You water, fertilize, and wait for fruit to blossom.

first speaks of the sh419 Alliance for address union.sh419. The sh419 alliance CPC has a share of about 50%. Most clicks range from $0.2 to $0.1. There are quite a lot of advertisements. 100 yuan to pay. Support bank cards and post office remittances. There are some difficulties in applying for it. sh419 bidding League entertainment station. Requires Alexa ranking within 5W. Small station is not up to this number, and there is a more important is. Like garbage a little stand, do sh419 bidding alliance easily by sh419 K.

therefore, Robin Li has made the decisive Nirvana rebirth.

the same day, sh419 announced the 2016 annual haze since the first beautiful earnings: revenue and profits of two figures both rising, of which profits surged 83% year-on-year surprise.

for the current domestic advertising alliance. CPC is the main 3. sh419 alliance, Ali mom and shlf1314 adsense. So, what is the Alliance for our little webmaster? I’ll analyze it. Help you make the right choice.

in danger of sh419, Robin Li is ready to sacrifice.

, under the advice of Lord Beckham, Robin Li stuffed a small bovine heart into his mouth and chewed it several times, and then couldn’t help vomiting.

and then he forced himself to eat a piece.

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