just like Shanghai Longfeng through several of the love of Shanghai search engine optimization white paper, in which year, which at the same time point, the sense of quality web content. We will contact the Internet gangster layout, love Shanghai spark plan, Tencent public platform (WeChat and QQ), Taobao headlines, shopping guide Station (beautiful etc.) the contents of the forum operation, media support program denden micro-blog, we already can see, only the contents of the roots can drive the user active.

next, just like Shanghai dragon will be introduced from several aspects:

soon, our potential customers will not meet the text content of the site, this is an impetuous era, coupled with the popularity of mobile wifi and 4G life, slowly become flow of scruples, more and more people love to get information through the video.

text without explanation, is that there are pictures and text, with essays, but this is not enough, after we entered Web3.0, we must integrate the content, will be more than the content of the web site to share the experience of the way of kneading, posted on the website.

the development of mobile Internet is really too fast, the distance between people is reduced further, more and more people are keen to exchange and share activities. This is a great opportunity for the content of the website operators.

when I write down this title, I was actually more uneasy, because just like Shanghai and not Shanghai dragon dragon master, does not seem to be qualified to write this with the perspective of the article, but in 2015 a year, I saw a lot of Shanghai Longfeng scenery, change the intelligent search the engine, and also learn many senior peer exchanges, I feel I need to write down my feelings to share with everyone.


2 demo video content.

3, social interactive content.

simple point is the use of love Shanghai experience form to publish content, of course, according to data released the contents of the analysis to draw the conclusion to fine operation.


enterprise station in Shanghai have natural advantages in ranking, that is the enterprises have a lot of authors from the media do not have the professional knowledge of the industry, the transformation and the active potential customers is very important.

on the site to create activities, or to provide on the site at the end of this article.

1 graphic content, experience.

, a deep web content will become the inevitable

as a corporate website, must be in before the start of peer, seize this new blue ocean, similar to the third party website Youku platform in the built-in video or to apply for special programs release video, and video with high power again to seize the long tail words flow. This will also be the focus of the 2016 enterprise web content deep.

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