we can see that since November 27th has been a stationary situation, but also in every day more than the bucket chain, love Shanghai webmaster tools did not change the data about November 27th more than fighting blog was on the line less than half a month, the chain do less, after a detailed view of the a few outside the chain, also found that indeed is the chain in November, the chain was not added in December. Love Shanghai outside the chain of tools in a statement also has the following words:


more than 250


believes that in the absence of outside the chain of professional tools before, most of the webmaster is like more than fighting their own web site so love Shanghai to draw the corresponding results up to domain related domain, more than relevant domain is the bucket blog:

also has more than 150, so the chain tool statistics why love of Shanghai is only 7 so little? Prior to clarify this issue, we first return to the fundamental, what is the chain? Love Shanghai encyclopedia is defined as: the chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. Link is a very important process for website optimization. The quality of import links directly determine the weight of our website in search engine. The chain said straightforward is all the other sites outside of their website on your own web site, is one of the others on the site of your links. So, the most accurate check of the chain is in love with the sea: input: domain your domain name, it is found outside the chain of love Shanghai. Enter in Google: link: your domain name which is the chain of Google search, so, more than Dou personal blog also has more than 100 of the chain, so why love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query so little? In the detail view of love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools, I found a bucket outside chain time trend:




love Shanghai in 11 more No. 25 on the launch of the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query tool beta version, before the Wuhan Shanghai Dragon Yu have experienced a bucket in the medical station outside the chain of tools, then found a very strange question, but has not been to verify, yesterday, more than fighting a whim to see the chain to see their this blog, Charles does not know, check jump results, and I imagine far worse.

is more than the bucket blog (www.wappcn贵族宝贝) the basic situation in Shanghai outside the chain of tools on the 7 link chain, we can easily see that only 4 sites only, but direct love Shanghai more than fighting blog website is shown below:

love >

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