second, not too superstitious to others for their confidence. In the process of website optimization ranking volatility, included problems, right down, must be followed, as a webmaster we have full confidence in our website, there is a problem can hardly be avoided, problems arise our mentality is very important, keep a positive attitude to do the basic work of our own, is the owner of the site, all operations the web site from their own, not all problems will lose faith in yourself, ask that according to this.

first, as Shanghai Longfeng practitioners must know how to pay. Whether it is their own new entrants or in the current search engine changing point, we should understand that the Shanghai dragon is a technology live, must optimize the solid preparation, analysis and optimization of medium, at a later stage gradually to obtain good results, so we have to do the work first,? As the Shanghai Dragon er must understand first pay after reporting the truth, the hard work is very important, especially the content of the construction quality of the chain, the user experience is actually to do it, did not pay their own can not improve many website details.

finally, their sum up, many webmaster website optimization are lost to the low.

third, Shanghai dragon industry webmaster should make constant efforts and improve themselves. Optimization of a lot of the time we are from our own experience, as a webmaster experience that we can eat for a lifetime? Clearly not realistic, the rapid development of the Internet, their skills should also grow with each passing day, constantly upgrade themselves to Shanghai dragon Er is paramount, Guantanamo, with himself as an example of a normal reading some paper books, Shanghai dragon watch some online tutorials, Shanghai dragon himself. Thank you love code, in short, through various aspects to constantly improve themselves, to make us easier in the optimization of the time, all experience is from their own accumulation.

fourth, Shanghai dragon Er don’t fight a lone battle we should go out more exchanges. Communication is the collision of thought and inspiration to generate the fuse, many a problem when his long time unable to understand, and they communicate some Er Shanghai dragon may get the answer and click into place, we should be more to enhance their own, and forms of communication are also very much, such as many Shanghai dragon Online voice communication forum QQ group, communication line, local Shanghai Longfeng circle of communication and interaction, mutual exchange and learning, is very helpful to increase their.

we know, website optimization often have to our heart to think, a lot of the time we must treat this as a webmaster optimization work carefully, as practitioners often face frustration or confusion I want to say is these are common problems in the work, as long as we try to find the problems of thinking the reason, then solve is not very laborious, as a webmaster, how are we going to do?

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