finally, if your enterprise has encountered what network marketing difficulties, you can communicate with me, this is no charge.

is more rare, because businesses failed to recognize the Sogou brand value, which makes the Sogou advertising and promotion expenses has been at a very low level, now Sogou gets a target customers click cost only a few cents, but a few dollars need to fall in love with the sea, the two a difference of nearly ten times.

to love Shanghai, but whether the customer is from Sogou, or from Shanghai to search for love, the customer value is relatively equal, because they are the search for your products and are the target customers with accurate positioning for businesses.

and love Shanghai from last year to this year several times by CCTV exposure, the promotion model has also been widely questioned by the public, and even many of netizens think to only bad products to make love Shanghai bidding, and that the natural ranking brand more trustworthy. That is to say the use of love Shanghai for promotion, but also bear the potential risks of enterprises now brand value decline.

recently observed, Sogou momentum more fierce, through the observation of multiple site statistics, from Sogou traffic is significantly increased. If no accident, I think Sogou will soon become the second largest after the Chinese love Shanghai search engine, its growth and market share of the browser Sogou input method of success.

as everyone knows, the love of Shanghai is the largest Chinese search engine, accounting for about 70% of the market share. Merchants also know this, have opened the Shanghai love promotion account, love Shanghai advertising price has recently let the public business speculation soared. In recent years, the average cost of promotion of love Shanghai for product rose about ten times, but the enterprise through love extension in Shanghai did not get the corresponding revenue growth. Companies are now in love Shanghai to promote the rate of return on investment is more and more low. That more and more small and medium-sized enterprises try to choose customer like this love Shanghai direct optimization products.

so I recommend merchants, now Sogou is worth trying, now put Sogou, can enjoy the Sogou platform competition is not sufficient for the added value brought by merchants. If you are in a period of time, not to change it, then you can try, because it is too cheap, save a section of your account will spend a long time.

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Sogou there, its brand image has been improved, indicating that the market share is rapidly increased, the number of statistics, use Sogou is growing fast.

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Although many people use

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