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said those who sell adult things will be huge profits, that is the case, but when you can not afford to buy even a VPS, how are you going to do about the beauty of the site, but the content itself is not good for walking, MII to shut down, even.


users who are interested in your website may even browse other pages after looking at the pages found by the search engines. We see that PV divided by the value of the IP i.e. the average number of pages visitors browsing a website, as a reference is provided for, or provide important indicators so that users interested in content.

said that although Taobao customers who now do some people earn money, but not most earned, even made a point out, those on the billboard Taobao customers make money are often large websites, for individual webmaster basically is insurmountable mountain

Although the

two, why is personal website valuable? Why can flow translate into income?

two: Taobao guest temptation

now has a lot to offer to join the agency website, as long as the join pay agency fees, can like agents, but also posted on the website of some successful proxy and how much money the example, many people do not know the trick, hasty pay agency fees, although the agency fee is not much, but you spend a lot of time but let you nothing, this is the most depressing, just cheat your money cheat your time! But this form is not Wangzhuan are liars, in fact, like 58, BuySingapore has provided this Wangzhuan agent, these websites Wangzhuan the general is not deceptive, so as not to be, or not to pay attention to reputation, is a website that allows you to join the agency can not wait, then change over is often a huge loss of

and information on the website, is also starting from the needs of users, personal website production or organize the information of interest to the user, and a large number of users holding hands, make your own website form value. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the webmaster is very concerned about what keywords to attract a large number of users, because popular information is often hot demand. Personal website provides for the content, with the help of the SEO content better information feedback to the user, it can attract many users, and these users to browse the contents of your personal website, the formation of a number of independent IP browsing and page number PageView, PV. The larger the number of PV and IP, the more users you have in your hand.

advertising alliance paid money to individual owners, they are not the real parents personal website. Those who pay for the site are those who wish to explore the market through the Internet, and they are willing to pay for advertising for their products and services, while they are looking for potential customers. This kind of business behavior belongs to network marketing, and is also part of enterprise marketing strategy. The advertising alliance acts as one of the channels of cooperation. It combines the very dispersed personal websites and makes accurate user positioning through classified advertisements, thus providing customers with the source of the enterprise. When a web user clicks on an online ad, it is equivalent to pushing the user to the service of the enterprise. And large enterprises like to advertise directly on the portal site, thus omitting the intermediate steps of advertising agents; of course, they also value the user groups in the hands of the vast number of personal websites. As a result, businesses pay for personal websites and actually pay for their own market.

1: temptation to join agency

website also earn a little money, of course, has tried many different ways of speaking Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, so more or less know, plus my many groups of friends are very concerned about their own Wangzhuan success, so I like to present several common types of Wangzhuan do the analysis, actually there are many types of Wangzhuan the temptation, in the process we do Wangzhuan if not careful will fall, we are going to analyze these

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three: Shipping Wangzhuan temptation

looks very beautiful!

when there is a user on a personal website, the enterprise is looking for a user. So the advertising alliance webmaster hit it off, get money, enterprise users, win-win cooperation is produced.

also some black chain webmaster can earn a lot of money, some time ago Kingsoft instead of posting a message, said that many people use Trojans and viruses can produce tens of billions of profits in the market now, and make black chain money are often the master, for our common personal webmaster, if do black chain at that time, the bad or myself, or blocked, or will power, so the black chain is a flower in the mirror in the water, the

! In fact,

on behalf of the consignor and Taobao customers had little difference, but also the need for a stable flow, but on behalf of the consignor the main object is the adult class of goods, electronic products and luxury goods and so on, which are some fixed people will buy it, if you don’t know the people, that even if you do a lot no matter what the flow station is also used, so if you use the traditional method to get a website on behalf of, basically is to earn what money

from the analysis of the first point can see that potential customers is the most love, they do not care about your personal website to see what information, they only care about your users is not what they are looking for potential customers. A large number of Internet users in the hands of individual websites are the most valuable resources. These users can be divided into a variety of demand groups, including the potential customers they are looking for.

, where does the money come from and who is paying for your website?


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