5 uses IT technology ability, can search a lot of information on the Internet; 6 self-confidence is enough, to look for things have passion to do;

KickStarter is a public financing platform to finance small start-up projects. If a team wants to invest, but does not want to deal with VCs, you can put your project on the KickStarter. If you are interested in it, you can donate some money, ranging from a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. This means that a small company’s "investors" often as many as tens of thousands of people. This model is known as the platform for all chips".

4 thinking is generally active, whether dare to do, or at least dare to think;

6 independent personality is not fully formed, the lack of social and individual responsibility, even after graduation to be dependent on my parents live idea; />

students may also exist no need for reticence, some disadvantages:

1 with a bachelor’s degree or postgraduate level and cultural level, more understanding of things, some things one;

2 lacks entrepreneurial projects with real business prospects, and many entrepreneurial ideas can’t stand the test of the market;


7 young, energetic, so the young is the largest capital "; 8 not married students no burden on the family, the business is likely to receive family support.

3 to accept new things, fast, or even the leader of the trend;

5 Yangaoshoudi, ambitious, despise petty profits, often talk about the "first pot of gold", not a penny earned "first";

Ouya will get a first generation Ouya host. If the company can achieve the commitment in the publicity, then the product is expected to be shipped by the end of 2012 to early 2013. Ouya also sells the game console to the average consumer via the site, with an initial price of $99, plus $10 for delivery. Pre sale products are expected to be shipped in April 2013.

Most of the supporters of

follows other messages related to the Ouya host:

3 lacks commercial credit, and the credit archives of college students are not in line with the society, which leads to difficulties in financing loans;

supports up to 4 handles,

Disadvantages of

we found that college students generally have the following advantages:

2 has the ability to learn knowledge autonomously;

news: college students and 4050 unemployed people in society, retirees, entrepreneurship, or have their own characteristics. Sun Tzu said: "know thyself, know yourself, students only a profound understanding of their advantages and disadvantages, in order to avoid weaknesses on the basis of the accurate positioning of entrepreneurship.

and the entrepreneurship of College Students


Sina Technology News Beijing time on August 10th morning news, a company called Ouya is about to launch Android based system of the same name game host. The company completed the launch on Wednesday, with nearly 8 million 600 thousand $63 thousand in support of the KickStarter on the bandwagon platform.

Ouya team confirms that Ouya will support up to 4 handles to support multiplayer games.

in terms of hardware, Ouya uses Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB flash memory, support 1080p HDMI output, and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth LE 4, USB 2 and Ethernet interface. In software, the Android 4 ice cream sandwich system is adopted.

on-demand game service OnLive said in July this year that it will provide services on Ouya in 2013. "OnLive" means >


students’ Entrepreneurship

4 love empty talk, business ideas large but impractical generally too optimistic market forecast,


outside of Ouya products mixed. John, ·, the co producer of famous games such as the German command 3D and the Doom, is expected to fail by Romero John Romero Ouya. However, Infinity Ward former director of innovation Robert · Boleyn Robert Bowling is optimistic about the prospects of this game console.

1 lacks social experience and professional experience, especially lack of interpersonal and business networks;


Ouya project initially wanted to finance $950 thousand, but ended up with $8 million 600 thousand in funding for

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